Benefits and Insights

Why use DataMapper?

Key differentiators & advantages of DataMapper

  • Simple yet powerful graphical data mapping and transformation-Integrated in the Mule Studio environment for seamless design of data integration and Flow orchestrations
  • Support for commonly used data formats (e.g., XML, JSON, CSV, POJO, Excel)-Generate maps from schema or sample dataAdvanced features for developer productivity
  • Filter input data to work in smaller subsets
  • Preview capabilities to run and test maps in design-time
  • Define complex rules using Xpath for advanced mapping requirement
  • Advanced editor for initiating transformations using functions or source codePowerful runtime capabilities
  • Lookup tables for modifying data at run-time without changing the mapping itself
  • Powerful and sophisticated error-handling capabilities for tracking and responding to transformation errors
  • High performance, scalable, and reliable data mapping