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Benefits and Insights

Why use Custom Software Development?

Key differentiators & advantages of Custom Software Development

We build Microservices that can be deployed, managed, and scaled independently in the cloud.

Integration at the API level
We build enterprise-grade custom software apps that integrate with other systems using REST APIs. Your existing apps can talk to your new app, and vice-versa.

Relational and NoSQL Databases
We store your data in the database format that makes the most sense. Relational for transactions and non-relational for high-volume and quick read access.

Business-savvy developers
Our developers know you don't really want software, you want a solution. This mindset is crucial in knowing where to invest development time.

Agile Software Development
You can see our work in progress any time or change requirements any time, and you'll have working software at the end of every iteration.

Turnkey or blended teams
We can do it all ourselves, or you can add your own people (developers, testers, project managers, scrum masters, etc.) to our team for a blended delivery team.