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Why use conceptSearch?

Key differentiators & advantages of conceptSearch

  • Compound terms are extracted when content is indexed from internal or external content sources, enabling the delivery of greater precision of relevant content at the top of the search results- Relevance ranking display extracts from the documents based on the query and are returned to the user
  • Search refinement delivers to the end user highly correlated concepts that may be used to refine the search
  • Taxonomy browse capabilities are also standard
  • Documents can be classified into one or more taxonomy nodes, enhancing the precision of documents returned
  • In addition to static summaries, Dynamic Summarization, a modified weighting system, can be applied that will identify real-time short extracts that are most relevant to the user’s query
  • Related Topics will return results based on the conceptual meaning of the search terms used. Using the ability to generate compound terms in a search, for example, ‘triple’ is a single word term but ‘triple heart bypass’ is a compound term that provides a more granular meaning
  • Based on previous queries, or on extracts retrieved, end users can use the text to perform additional searches to retrieve more granular results
  • The product is based on an open architecture with all API’s based on XML and Web Services. Transparent access to system internals including the statistical profile of terms is standard- Easily customized for your requirements
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