Product Information

Benefits and Insights

Why use Comprehensive Penetration Testing Services?

Key differentiators & advantages of Comprehensive Penetration Testing Services

  • The support of Core Security’s 15+ years of professional vulnerability research and commercial-grade exploit development, constantly updated as threats emerge. 
  • Comprehensive penetration testing capabilities addressing a wide range of threat vectors across network systems, endpoint systems, email users, web applications and wireless networks. 
  • Automation of traditionally mundane penetration testing work that adds repeatability and efficiency to the security testing process.  
  • The ability to manually fine-tune penetration tests to your specific requirements via an extensible Python-based scripting framework. 
  • Safe emulation of multi-staged threats to test both perimeter and internal defenses using privilege escalation and pivoting techniques to identify available routes to valuable systems and data. 
  • Actionable data in the form of detailed reports highlighting risks, including targeted systems, tests conducted, vulnerabilities exploited, and attack paths followed -- plus links to patches and other remediation data. 
  • The ability to illustrate testing results to both technical and nontechnical audiences via a wide range of customizable reports.