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Benefits and Insights

Why use Chrome River EXPENSE?

Key differentiators & advantages of Chrome River EXPENSE

  • The entire expense automation platform of the Chrome River EXPENSE service is based on a powerful, flexible and configurable Business Rules Engine. This unique approach allows Chrome River customers to easily address far more complex and distinctive policies than other systems allow.
  • Chrome River meets the needs of users worldwide and provides financial control and compliance for your organization from a single console.
  • Filing expense report claims becomes a quick and painless process.
  • Chrome River EXPENSE can intelligently separate expense reports and send only the relevant transactions to the approvers that need to see them.
  • Customers can configure flexible policy compliance and expense routing. Compliance is based on having the right information: Chrome River also allows screens to be configured so that the right balance of simplicity and required data can be obtained. Chrome River’s dynamic fields can be configured to display based on the expense type, the charge code or even billable client requirements. It’s comforting to know that all day, every day, and everywhere, your expenses are being watched and appropriately managed.