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Why use AppsBuilder?

Key differentiators & advantages of AppsBuilder

  • Cross-platform tool - Using our panel you'll be able to create 5 native apps (iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet and Windows phone) and your HTML 5 WebApp. Oh, did I mention you won't need any coding skills?

  • Full control - You can simply create, design, edit and promote your app using just one user-friendly panel. No stress, no fuss: just take your time and enjoy the creative process!

  • Real-time Previews - We're always looking into new features to simplify the app development process to help you work in complete autonomy. Just use our super-easy drag-and-drop tool and preview your changes in real time!

  • 100% Customizable - Make your app stand out in the crowd! Use your panel to customize your layout, menu, icons and background; upload your company logo and colours or just choose one of our ready-to-use templates.

  • Up in the cloud - Relax, your data is in safe hands. All your content is stored on the cloud so that you can access and edit content or layout anytime and still get updated previews of your app in real time!

  • Mobile site - You can now migrate your website into an application in less than 3 minutes! Just update the content on your website and we'll automatically sync your articles, gallery and videos in your app. Going mobile has never been easier!

  • App is gold - Get the most out of your app and integrate adv networks to gain a new stream of revenues in no time. Take advantage of our professional solutions such as advertising, geolocalized couponing, in-app subscriptions and much more.

  • Live Support - We learn from your advice, that's why we're eager to listen from you to make our tool more and more effective and powerful. You can contact our customer care for any kind of trouble and join our free webinars to get hands-on training and be updated on our latest releases.