Benefits and Insights

Why use Application Craft?

Key differentiators & advantages of Application Craft

  • Dozens of Widgets - From labels to charts, just drag and drop.
  • All Within Your Browser - Nothing to download - nothing to install. It's all in the cloud.
  • Integrated Debugging - Debug your apps from within the IDE and during runtime.
  • Incredibly Easy to Use - It's all visual, and so easy to use for developers of all skill levels.
  • Syntax Highlighting - Every line of your code is highlighted according to its syntax.
  • Easy to Use Powerful APIs - We've created custom APIs, giving you the power to write amazing apps.
  • Database Integration - Integrate with any database extremely easily.
  • Code Explorer/Outline - Visualize your app and its code with the code explorer and outline.
  • Server Side Javascript - Write secure server-side code using the same language you use on the client.
  • Any desktop or mobile app built with AC will run in any browser.
  • Run on our servers or yours - Apps are deployed and run on our platform at no extra cost, but you can also download and run them on your own servers.- AC Mobile build incorporates PhoneGap technology and lets you build with a single button press.
  • AC Enterprise: on your server - For those who want to run the whole AC experience on their own servers and within your firewall.