Benefits and Insights

Why use Applango?

Key differentiators & advantages of Applango

  • Improve Efficiency - Applango allows IT managers and administrators to run their Salesforce applications efficiently and effectively, aligning them with their organization's business processes.

  • Control Cost - With Applango, you know what users and processes need attention and which do not. This information empowers you to optimize training, consulting, and programming costs.

  • Eliminate Waste - When salespeople are not properly utilizing, they create waste on misused or underutilized subscriptions. Companies we work with typically find 30% savings only after a few months of using Applango. For an organization with 200 Enterprise users, that’s an annual saving of $90,000!

  • Empower Users - It is time to be the change your company needs to see. With Applango, you will be able to identify the current disconnect between user and business processes.