Benefits and Insights

Why use Adeptia ESB?

Key differentiators & advantages of Adeptia ESB

  • Centrally Manage all Integrations: Adeptia ESB Suite allows companies to centrally manage, from a single product, all the Connections, Formats, Protocols, Mapping Rules, Triggers, Exception Handling and Data Flows for all your applications, customers and trading partners.

  • Ease of Use: Adeptia has really made the work of designing and automating data flows and integration touchpoints very simple, easy and painless. Everything is graphical and wizard-driven, there is no need for any coding except for rare custom type of situations. This makes the advantages and benefits of an Integration Suite accessible to everyone. Adeptia takes a simple, 3-step process for creating integrations: Design the flow, Configure the services, Deploy the solution.

  • Rapid Implementation: The ease of use and collaborative environment in Adeptia significantly reduces the time it takes to design and automate data flows. Adeptia offers pre-built data flow templates for quick configuration and deployment.

  • Cost effective: Adeptia ESB Suite is attractively priced and is available on a subscription pricing model. This significantly reduces the size of the budget needed and also reduces the risk of trying this solution. This is another factor that makes the advantages and benefits of Integration Tools accessible to everyone.

  • Process-centric, SOA-based approach: Adeptia takes an process-centric and services-based approach to Integration. This is important because most data flows are part of business processes and they require some data or information to be brought to the business user to review and make decisions.

  • Ease of maintenance: Adeptia is based on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. This increases reusability and simplifies the process of making enhancements and changes to flows and business rules.