Benefits and Insights

Why use ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks?

Key differentiators & advantages of ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

  • Accelerate Time-to-Results: Developers and administrators can build and change services, processes, and applications with little to no coding
  • Enhance Efficiency: Expose existing applications as reusable services, assemble and orchestrate these services to create more flexible composite applications, and deploy and manage applications more efficiently
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Open standards and native web service supports higher production in less time using fewer resources
  • Expand Connectivity: Adapters yield greater speed, performance, and results by accelerating the integration of any third-party application and technology
  • Optimize Automation Levels: Seamless transfer of data enterprise-wide enables transactions to be processed faster and accelerates business processes throughput
  • Increase Reliability: Services are deployed on a horizontally scalable, distributed enterprise service bus (ESB), minimizing risk of failure
  • Accelerate Recovery: Advanced capabilities support flow control, dependency tracking, and the ability to automate self-healing