Benefits and Insights

Why use TriZetto?

Key differentiators & advantages of TriZetto

  • Improve Quality Health Outcomes: By automating and integrating as many processes as possible, your health professionals can focus their efforts on providing the best possible care for their patients. Health analytics and insights assist your clinicians in providing more accurate diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Increase Revenue: TriZetto allows your health organization’s daily traffic to go up, which in turn should lead to more revenue opportunities. Tools to help manage billing and claims can also help optimize your return amount. Physicians are able to treat more patients without sacrificing the quality of care provided, allowing for more money to be collected. 
  • Accessibility: Physicians and patients alike can access medical history, lab results, medication and more using online portals, accessible any time and any place. If a physician forgets to update something in a patient’s chart, they do not have to be at the office to correct it. Instead, they can sign in on their mobile device and have complete access to the system. 
  • Patient Experience: Patients can communicate with their physicians online using the patient portal. They can exchange messages, video chat, access medical history, view lab results and more to give themselves a greater role in their overall healthcare. 
  • Better Security: Patient data and other information is kept safe and secure in the cloud using TriZetto’s servers. Additionally, information stored in the system is HIPAA compliant and can only be viewed by those who are given access. 

Industry Expertise

TriZetto, a Cognizant company, is used by healthcare professionals all around the world to improve productivity and efficiency. TriZetto is suitable for a variety of medical specialties, such as dental, disability, vision, behavioral health and more.

Key Features

  • Claims Processing: TriZetto automatically verifies insurance and sweeps claims, scrubbing them of any mistakes or coding errors, which often lead to denials or delayed reimbursement. This speeds up the process of submitting claims while helping improve the first-time acceptance rate. 
  • Billing: The entire billing and payment process can be handled using TriZetto, from the moment a patient is admitted through when they are billed. Patients can update their insurance information and manage any bills or outstanding balances online. 
  • Portals: Member, provider and employer portal solutions are available to deliver accurate, real-time data regarding treatment plans, costs and more. Providers are able to access sensitive patient information anytime, anywhere. Additionally, a patient’s financial liability can be calculated based on their personal history. 
  • TranZform Platform: TriZetto connects data from financial and clinical systems to provide real-time insights and data. Predictive analytics are used to help identify a patient’s cost-risk as well as to provide more accurate treatment and diagnosis. TranZform enables greater patient engagement and healthcare outcomes while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs. 
  • Configurable Health Improvement: TriZetto’s health analytics allow providers to track a patient’s treatment progress. Individual health plans can be developed and tailored specifically to a patient while their health can be monitored over time. 
  • Enrollment Toolkit: This feature is used to increase the auto-enrollment success rate through managing the data receipt and correction process for enrollment records. This ensures data is accurate and forms are consistent before being submitted, requiring less manual intervention.  

TriZetto Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:TriZetto customers can fill out and submit a help ticket online by leaving their name, organization, phone number, email and a brief message relating to the issue or concern. Conferences and other educational/tutorial events can be found on TriZetto’s website. Support is also offered for migrating data while customers can request demos themselves.
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