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Why use TherapyNotes?

Key differentiators & advantages of TherapyNotes

  • Save Time: Automation and assistance with tasks allow physicians to spend less time documenting and entering data. In turn, healthcare professionals can focus more of their time on what matters most — the patient. This allows your facility to increase daily traffic without sacrificing quality care. 
  • Increase Revenue: Increasing the daily traffic at your facility helps generate more potential revenue opportunities. Additionally, tools to help manage billing and claims help you get reimbursed quickly while ensuring payment will be received. 
  • Better Patient Experience: Spending less time behind a monitor allows for more attention and face-to-face interaction in regards to the patient. Patients can access medical history, lab results, medications and more, giving them more control throughout the treatment process. 
  • Security of Information: While patient information is quick and easy to access, only authorized users are capable of viewing certain records. Data stored in TherapyNotes’ servers is encrypted with multiple layers of protection and is certified HIPAA compliant. 
  • Accessibility: TherapyNotes is accessible to your physicians whenever and wherever. Mobile applications and the client portal allow providers to update a patient’s file, send messages and more. TherapyNotes makes sure physicians are given all the necessary, up-to-date information they need before meeting with the patient. 

Industry Expertise

TherapyNotes was officially launched in 2010 and has been serving thousands of healthcare providers throughout the country. TherapyNotes originally started out when Brad Pliner, CEO of TherapyNotes, decided to develop an electronic system to help with his wife’s mental health practice. The goal was to make storing patient records more efficient — to make them easily accessible, secure and well-organized. After a couple years, they decided to rebuild the application so anybody could use it.

Key Features

  • Calendar: Staff can schedule one-time or recurring appointments as well as access appointment-related notes using TherapyNotes’ calendar. The calendar can be organized according to clinicians, specific clients or certain practice locations. The calendar comes with a personal to-do list with treatment plans, notes, administrative documents and more. Patients can also receive automated appointment reminders — this helps reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations. 
  • Electronic Records: TherapyNotes gives physicians immediate access to patient records and notes at their fingertips. The once tedious task of note-taking can be sped up with the help of built-in templates and searchable diagnosis codes. Providers can use speech-to-text software as well to help dictate notes quickly and easily.  
  • Billing: herapyNotes handles every step of the billing process, including verifying insurance eligibility, submitting claims and receiving payment. Claims can be automatically swept of any mistakes or coding errors which often lead to denials. Superbills can be generated fast with all the necessary information to help clients get reimbursed quickly. 
  • Credit Card Processing: This integrated payment processing system automatically deposits funds into your bank account. Cards can be kept on file for any missed appointment fees or future transactions. 
  • Client Portal: Using TherapyPortal, patients are able to manage appointments themselves using their mobile device. Physicians are able to communicate with their clients remotely by exchanging messages, video chatting, adding notes and more. The portal is also configurable, allowing you to change the color scheme, logo and welcome message. 

TherapyNotes Suite Support

TherapyNotes provides unlimited phone and email support Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. ET.
mail_outlineEmail: TherapyNotes provides support through email ([email protected]).
phonePhone: Phone support is available during business hours by calling (215) 658-4550.
schoolTraining: Customers can schedule a demo and access resources such as training videos anytime online. TherapyNotes’ online help center also provides a number of articles to help with issues regarding scheduling, notes, billing, insurance claims and more.
local_offerTickets: Online, customers can log in with their practice code and submit a request for support. They can choose to be emailed back or to be reached over the phone to receive help.

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