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The documentation of patient records used to be a time-consuming, expensive and error-ridden task — the introduction of EMR software changed that. Healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties are providing more accurate treatment and noticing increased efficiency through the use of EMR systems.

Electronic medical records system solutions can handle everything from documenting patient data and scheduling appointments to filling prescriptions and verifying insurance. You may have concerns regarding the implementation of an EMR, but an increase in your facility’s productivity as well as monetary incentives are just some of the advantages that come with adopting electronic medical records.

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Choosing an EMR System

The federal incentive program kick-started the adoption of electronic medical records programs for small practices and large hospitals alike. Healthcare facilities can receive money simply for implementing EMR programs and additional incentives for meeting meaningful use standards.

Providing an updated way to keep records has made the health information technology market explode. Converting and maintaining e-records is becoming easier every year. However, the long list of available EMR systems companies can be overwhelming and confusing.

To help you and your medical practice make the best choice for the needs of your patients and physicians, consider the following solution providers leading the way in EMR systems. These electronic medical records companies are rated as top performers based on our product scoring tool and conversations we’ve had with EMR system buyers.

Top EMR Systems List


CureMD is a cloud-based solution fit for a variety of specialty treatment clinics, such as OB/GYN, public health, oncology, cardiology, dermatology and more. Made for health agencies of all sizes, this system handles tasks dealing with clinical documentation, electronic prescribing, workflow automation and speech recognition capabilities.

Using Surescripts to process, refill and mail orders, CureMD connects prescribers with over 40,000 pharmacies across the US. There are a number of advantages that come with e-prescribing; two of the biggest include reducing costs and fewer medication errors. Before a prescription is given out, users can check to make sure there are no drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy issues that may arise when taken with a patient’s current medication or diagnosis.

CureMD EMR System

CureMD’s clinical documentation integrates with the practice management software and patient portal feature to store patient data and provide analytics. This tool aggregates reports and clinical outcomes based on patient history or patterns.

Cure MD’s enterprise scheduling tool lets you easily set and manage appointments across multiple locations of your facility. Color-coding is used to assign specialty equipment with the proper exam room, time and practitioner. In addition, you can send alerts and notifications online as well as verify a patient’s insurance, all using enterprise scheduling.

Users are provided with a customizable, colorful and easy-to-understand dashboard that allows you to complete coding and e prescribing with a few clicks. You can design your own template to create the most intuitive experience possible. The system also provides free updates on a regular basis.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

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Greenway Health’s Intergy system does everything from appointment scheduling to medical billing. It’s designed to make your office workflow more efficient and assists in producing the highest level of productivity possible. Intergy is determined to focus on streamlining patient check-in and verifying insurance claims so paperwork gets done correctly the first time.

One of the biggest advantages to Intergy is the wide range of specialty healthcare facilities it can be used by. From internal medicine and gastroenterology to nephrology and infectious disease clinics, Intergy is suitable for over 40 different specialties as well as multi-specialty facilities. Also worth noting — Intergy is available through cloud or on-premise deployment.

Intergy’s patient engagement solution lets patients schedule appointments, request prescription refills and view lab results. In addition, patients can communicate with their practitioners using online messaging and can ask questions related to their medical treatment or even billing.

Intergy EMR System

Intergy connects clinical systems, unlocks data and facilitates data-sharing between the system and other systems or features. Using Greenway Exchange (its interoperability engine) multiple users can connect and share information with one another in real time. Additionally, information can be exchanged between healthcare organizations to compare and point out any patterns, leading to greater efficiency as well as quality of treatment.

Finally, Greenway’s clearinghouse integrates with Intergy to help process claims. By automatically checking and removing claims documents of errors, claims are more likely to be approved the first time around, leading to faster reimbursements for your facility. Furthermore, a patient’s address is automatically verified before patient statements, notices and letters can be electronically sent out.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


Receiving high marks from medical professionals and patients alike, eClinicalWorks features easy access to all its features with intuitive styling. Its user-friendly interface makes learning the system quick and painless. The system also integrates well with the other technology in your office, such as copiers, telephones and fax machines.

EClinicalWorks virtual assistant, “Eva,” can view a patient’s progress, flowsheet and account balance as well as book appointments and compare new progress notes side-by-side with older ones. Eva also provides educational videos and other resources for providers to view.

Similar to e-prescribing, eClinicalWorks’ telemedicine solution allows patients to communicate with their practitioners no matter where they are. What’s called the healow Virtual Room enables medical experts from around the world to consult with patients online face-to-face, regardless of their physical proximity to one another.

eClinicalWorks EMR System

With the eClinicalWorks scheduling tool, users can add a new patient, look up an existing patient, line up appointments and more. From scheduling patients and doctors to exam rooms and equipment, users can be assured there is no overlapping in regards to appointments; e.g., if a certain machine is needed for a patient’s visit, your scheduling system can check to make sure that equipment is not double-booked at the same time.

Using the web browser, eClinicalWorks can integrate with devices like ECG, EEG, EKG and more. It can then sort data in order of importance as well as provide analytics and flowsheets.

Although this is the most expensive of these five options, eClinicalWorks is a great option if your healthcare facility provides ambulatory or specialized treatment.

Price: $$$$$
Company Size Suitability: S M L

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Another popular choice when it comes to EMR systems is AdvancedMD. With just one log-in, your staff will have access to this cloud-based system. Made for small- and medium-sized healthcare organizations, AdvancedMD handles tasks such as scheduling, patient rooming, task management, e-prescribing, patient messaging and more.

Because AdvancedMD is a cloud-based solution, users can easily travel from the office to the hospital while checking a patient’s records. The integration of AdvancedMD technology is seamless and simple to install — the all-in-one design includes billing, medical coding and online patient records and portal access. You, your staff and your patients will be more connected than ever before.

AdvancedMD EMR System

AdvancedMD’s HealthWatcher feature offers automated alerts as well as customizable health plans to encourage patients to have more involvement in their treatment. Additionally, practitioners can monitor a patient’s health and look out for any patterns or trends that can help lead to diagnosis. Custom health plans can help manage a patient’s specific conditions based on factors like age, sex, lab results and more.

With AdvancedMD, users can customize templates in order to optimize workflow. Physicians can also design note-taking templates to correlate with workflow and practice preferences.

Patients can talk with their practitioners face-to-face as well as receive notifications and schedule telemedicine appointments. Doctors can take screenshots during conference calls and securely save images and other sensitive information to a patient’s file. With AdvancedMd’s e prescribing, prescription requests can be reviewed and signed electronically by your practitioners — regardless of their physical location.

Price: $$$$$
Company Size Suitability: S M L


Last but not least, we have athenaClinicals by athenaHealth. This EMR system solution is suitable for small- to medium-sized healthcare facilities and helps organize clinicals, patient visits, documentation, authorization, patient care and scheduling.

With the athenaClinicals patient portal, patients can view data from lab results, schedule appointments, request prescription refills and make payments using their mobile devices.

Being one of the most interoperable EMR solutions available, athenaClinicals connects with over 26,000 health plans, 12,000 lab and imaging endpoints, and 1,200 other non-athena sites. It also connects to 95% of US pharmacies.

Using Epocrates, a comprehensive medical reference app for iOs and Android devices, clinicians can access clinical knowledge such as drug information, dosage, diagnosis and treatment.

athenaClinicals EMR System

With athenaClinicals speech recognition capabilities, clinicians can use their voice to dictate, review, correct and complete patient records in real time. Its integrated authorization management tool handles prior authorization and automates the verification of clinical documents.

This cloud-based EMR system has been around since 1997. Its high ratings for overall ease of use and 24/7 customer service will make you appreciate its diverse capabilities. There are automatic updates as well as the ability for your staff to customize the look and functionality for each member’s electronic device and workflow.

Price: $$$$$
Company Size Suitability: S M L
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Making Your Decision

As you can see, there are a number of similarities between EMR systems, but the differences can be very important. The entire systems selection process is often time-consuming and stressful, whether it’s medical software or not. We hope this list has given you an idea of what you should expect out of an EMR program as well as how they can be beneficial for your health clinic.

Remember, these are just some of the top EMR systems available. When searching through hundreds of EMR providers, some of the most popular options may not be well-suited for your healthcare organization in particular. For example, an EMR program specifically designed to accommodate optometry clinics will probably not work out very well for say, a dental practice. Be sure to know your specific requirements and do plenty of research prior to your search and selection process.

It’s critical you do your due diligence when picking out your potential EMR systems list. For a more in-depth overview of our top EMR systems, take a look at our EMR systems comparison report.

How has your healthcare organization benefited since adopting an EMR system? What has been your biggest challenge regarding the use of your EMR? Let us know in the comments.

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    This site is a great resource!

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    Amazing! Arguably the most widely used EHR, Epic Systems, does not even merit a mention? Is that bias?

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