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Why use Modernizing Medicine?

Key differentiators & advantages of Modernizing Medicine

  • Gain a High-Level Overview of Your Practice: With ModMed BOOST, its practice management software, you can gain a clear view of your practice — the flow of patients, clinicians, instruments — and then capitalize on insights to optimize quality of care and revenue. 
  • Improve Patient Outcomes: Regardless of whether you’re using their EHR/EMR software, or any of ModMed’s digital tools, you can improve patient outcomes by streamlining their care, scheduling, charting and follow up. 
  • Generate Revenue and Save Money: By having the right tools, you can keep patients coming in through your doors, as well as cut overhead costs. 
  • Fewer Errors: Old and archaic documentation methods were slow and prone to errors. With digital tools like ModMed’s suite of EHR and EMR software, you’ll encounter fewer errors when entering information. 
  • Highly Specialized: ModMed provides tools for eight different practice specializations, which include dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngologists, pain management, plastic surgery and urology. 
  • Rapid Deployment: Because the application is cloud-based, there’s little to no deployment downtime. 

Industry Expertise

Since 2010, Modernizing Medicine has served over 15,000 specialty physicians and 140,000 healthcare professionals, with a 93% client satisfaction rate. Some major clients of ModMed include Tri-County Gastroenterology, Texas Orthopedic, Empire Surgery Center and Sports Medicine.

Key Features

  • Specialty Specific EHR/EMR: ModMed has robust EHR and EMR solutions that provide the standard suite of features like charting and portability, with some advanced features like specialty-specific EMRs and advanced medical coding. 
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Application: The mobile application is built on cloud technology, enabling clinicians to work from wherever they are. It gives providers access to medical records for use in-practice and also provides administrators with scheduling tools. 
  • ICD-10 Code Compliant: The application automatically suggests relevant ICD-10 codes based on your notations and charting data. It will then populate those codes into the bill for clinical review. 
  • Drawing Board: ModMed’s EHR and EMR solutions provide an integrated drawing board to help clinicians better localize treatment options. 
  • Interactive Anatomical Atlas: The medical atlas feature, integrated into the company’s EHR/EMR suites, provides clinicians a three-dimensional view of the patient, with expandable views and pinch, zoom and selection features. 
  • ModMed Boost Practice Management: ModMed Boost is the company’s practice management solution. It’s got everything that a practice management software might need: billing, front desk features, revenue management tools, digital check-in, built-in reporting tools, simple fee management and more. 
  • Analytics: With all of its apps, ModMed provides a robust analytics suite, enabling you to monitor practice health, response times and more. The company’s intelligence suite is optimized to provide administrative analytics, provider analytics and financial analytics, each with unique, function-specific features.

Modernizing Medicine Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact [email protected] to receive email support. Response times are unknown.
phonePhone: You can phone support by calling 561-880-2998 x2. Agents are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.
schoolTraining: Though the company has non-formal training options, they do offer a robust library of support and training videos, as well as documentation and community support forums.
local_offerTickets: By visiting the “Contact Us” page on ModMed’s website, users can submit support tickets, though turnaround times are unknown.

Modernizing Medicine Reviews

The following reviews for Modernizing Medicine are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Software Advice
Smoothest EMR for Derm
This is the most intuitive EMR software I've ever used. It is incredibly well designed. It cuts down on charting time considerably, however still produces a very detailed chart. Game changer!
The only downside to this product is the overall cost. It is considerably more - over double when compared to their competitors. Like driving a BMW versus a Ford though, you get what you pay for.
Healthcare / Social Services
100 - 499
Software Advice
EHR of the Future
Excellent technical support staff and training staff. The ModMed Programming team is constantly coming out with updates and additional needed/requested functionality. They are always open to listen and understand the problems faced by our clinical staff and providers in order to design, develop, and implement solutions to our problems. The staff from Modernizing Medicine is always delightful to deal with and they are fully supportive of delivering the best experience and easing documentation burden around the clinical visit compared to other EHRs
The system is designed around the physician workflow and smaller office staff, this system is not as user friendly for office staff not involved with the clinical visit when you get into a large, busy clinic. Many of the administrative features found in the larger client base systems are not found in this one. They are making progress on all of the above with each and every update!
We use the Modernizing Medicine EMA Orthopedic platform and are very happy to have found an EHR company that works with us and their other clients to make the system better for all. I also like the fact that each of the other EHR domains (ex. Derm, gastro, etc.) work together re utilizing tools already developed/solved for other domains instead of always having to design items from scratch, this dramatically improves the time from a "client system request" to "included in a release". If you are in the market for an EHR, I would suggest you take a serious look at the EMA platform from Modernizing Medicine and then decide if the system is right for your practice. Modernizing Medicine is a great company to work with in solving your clinical workflow challenges.
Healthcare / Social Services
50 - 99
Software Advice
Great EMR
Very easy to use. Based on an iPad. Very intuitive. Staff likes using it also. Updates are say to get.
Can get pricey. They should not charge for pathology reports but do. Should give more discounts for multiple users.
Overall it is great. Best on market for derm. I am very happy and think it is the best by far for derm.
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