Medical Apps for Patient-Doctor Collaboration

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Just as computers once revolutionized the way medical practices process medical information, tablets and mobile devices are on their way to providing the same revolution.

Most medical practices today have already implemented some form of medical software such as electronic health record (EHR) systems. These solutions, as you can imagine, have proven to be far superior to older methods of handling administrative and medical operations.

Comprehensive software solutions can help with numerous aspects of the daily workflow in medical facilities, from administrative day-to-day tasks to the medical aspects of running a practice. But with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it’s obvious that there’s still room for growth.

This is especially true in terms of patient-doctor collaboration. Already there are numerous mobile medical apps that make it easier for doctors and patients to share information and increase the likelihood of both correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

Here are just a few of the medical apps that are already making a huge impact in the medical world:


Isabel is a diagnosis assistance app that’s available on both the iOS and Android app stores. It was named after a young girl that almost died two decades ago because of a wrong diagnosis. This mobile app aims to help improve the diagnostic process and help prevent doctors from making mistakes.

Basically, Isabel provides physicians with a convenient way to double check their diagnosis and make sure they haven’t missed any important details. Isabel consists of a database of over 6,000 diseases, including information on presentations and symptoms, as well as the ability to refine the results by age, gender and even travel history.

The ability for doctors to double-check their diagnoses can be invaluable, as people’s lives depend on them making the right ones.

A report by the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, estimates that at least 12 million adults each year are affected by diagnostic errors. This is a staggering 5% of all adults that seek outpatient care.

Isabel can be integrated with many Electronic Medical Record solutions, and it can serve as a convenient differential diagnosis checklist in the doctor’s workflow. It supports standards such as query string and HL7 Infobutton, and includes a complete set of API’s that allow you to easily embed the app into any system so that users can use the app on their own interface.

The price is also quite affordable, with a monthly subscription to the online database costing $10.99, with a yearly plan costing $199.99.

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As the name might suggest, 3D4Medical provides cutting-edge 3D animations of the human body, making it much easier to generate anatomical simulations than it would be using 2D images.

A number of mobile apps are designed to help patients understand their conditions or medical procedures by providing a clear visual representation of the relevant part of the body. For instance, the Orthopedic Patient Education app can help doctors show visualizations of the anatomy, explaining conditions or treatments in a way that’s simple to grasp. Showing animations of joint diseases or ligament injuries can be much more efficient than trying to explain it using words only.

Another great app from 3D4Medical is the Dental Patient Education app that contains almost 200 animations of various dental conditions and treatments, making it very easy for dental professionals to clearly communicate with their patients.

The animations cover a wide range of conditions and treatments in numerous areas, such as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and many more. The app even allows you to customize the animation by “peeling off” layers. For example, dentists could “peel off” layers of the jaw in order to show different muscle groups, facial nerves and/or each individual tooth.

The prices of different mobile medical apps by 3D4Medical vary from free to around $20, but they’re currently only available on iOS.

Figure 1

Figure 1 is one of the most important digital platforms for doctors in the world. It’s used by millions of healthcare professionals as well as prominent institutions such as Doctors Without Borders and Mount Sinai Health System. Why? Because it allows you to share cases and, in the process, help save lives.

Figure 1 is the single biggest active network of medical professionals that’s used to share, comment and search through medical images in Figure 1’s database. The free app is available for both Android and iOS, and is perfect for doctors that need feedback on a rare condition or want to learn more about special medical cases.

In medicine, sometimes having a second opinion can result in a saved life. According to a report by MedPro Group, doctors who manage to effectively communicate and collaborate with other healthcare specialists significantly reduce the risk of unfortunate patient outcomes. At the same time, it also reduces their chances of being held liable.

The app is able to provide information about countless medical cases, while ensuring complete privacy of the patients discussed. Therefore, it’s a perfect platform for doctors to share their knowledge and seek feedback when looking for a diagnosis.

The app is completely free to download and use. In fact, joining for free is encouraged because with every new medical professional, it becomes more valuable to the worldwide medical community.


MyChart is a very convenient app for patients that allows them to access their medical records on their phones at any time. This can be very useful when seeing specialists outside of their regular clinic, or during consultations that require referencing the patient’s history.

But the app’s functionality doesn’t end there. It also allows you to send non-urgent messages to the patient’s clinic regarding medical issues, request refills on prescriptions and even schedule appointments, all within the app. This saves time for the patient and the doctor alike, because the patient can take control of their refill requests, appointments and even follow up on lab results.

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