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Why use DrChrono?

Key differentiators & advantages of DrChrono

  • Increase Operational Efficiency: With tools built to save time such as medical templates, speech-to-text, dynamic photo charting and more, DrChrono EMR helps improve your health organization’s productivity as well as efficiency. 
  • Simple Patient Check-In: DrChrono EHR auto-populates a patient’s check-in information and synchronizes that data to the EHR while providing patients with a non-stressful check-in experience. 
  • Flexibility: DrChrono EMR can be tailored to essentially any health organization, from smaller ambulatory clinics to larger health organizations. Clinical forms can be configured along with medical templates that adapt to your specific work style. 
  • Patient Educational Material: Your healthcare professionals are able to provide patients with medical information related to their visits and treatment. 
  • Integrated Labs: DrChrono integrates easily with systems such as LabCorp, Quest, Surescripts and other third-party labs to minimize paperwork and handle administrative tasks like ordering lab work and giving referrals.  
  • Fully Certified: This system is HIPAA certified and meets Meaningful Use standards while ensuring sensitive information is protected. 

Industry Expertise

With products that can be tailored to health organizations of all sizes and specialties, DrChrono serves tens of thousands of physicians and more than 13 million patients. Additionally, this was the first EHR to build a native app for the iPad and iPhone.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Charting: Compared to doing so by hand, charting and recording can be done much more quickly and effectively using DrChrono’s speech-to-text feature. Physicians are able to talk normally and have that information entered into the EHR rather than having to remember codes. 
  • E-Prescribing: DrChrono EHR enables your physicians to send single or multiple prescription orders, including controlled substances, directly to a pharmacy. Potential drug interactions can be checked automatically before prescriptions are sent out. 
  • Patient Portal: Your patients can be more involved throughout their healthcare process using DrChrono OnPatient. This portal allows patients to book appointments, pay bills and communicate securely with their physicians online. Automated reminders also help reduce no-shows, leading to an increase in revenue. 
  • Medical Billing: DrChrono helps manage your health organization’s financial health by verifying insurance at the point of care, reducing multiple data entries and billing directly. Pre-populated billing codes are used to help you bill accurately while saving time and getting paid quicker. 
  • Claim Management: Users can receive claim statuses in real time in addition to receiving help with reimbursement, denial analysis, automatic mailing of statement and HCFA reporting. 
  • Mobile EHR: This EHR can be used via web browser, mobile, or iPad, allowing physicians to provide care regardless of their location. Patient information can be accessed as well as updated anywhere and anytime. 
  • Custom Vitals: DrChrono lets your physicians create baseline health data to monitor each patient’s health measurements individually. 
  • Smart Shortcuts: Users can create macro buttons, or easily accessible shortcuts, for your most commonly used notes. These shortcuts can be pulled up with a single click, saving your physicians time spent entering data in the exam room. 

DrChrono EHR Suite Support

DrChrono provides hundreds of articles relating to EHR support, including frequently asked questions and how-to manuals to help customers in a variety of areas.
phonePhone: Users can call or text DrChrono for phone support during business hours.
schoolTraining: Training videos and other helpful materials such as template building can be accessed on DrChrono’s website. Users can request demos as well.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit a request for support using their email and username. Users can provide the support category and choose its priority level as well as leave a short description of the issue.

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