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Why use CureMD?

Key differentiators & advantages of CureMD

  • Fewer Errors: By charting and documenting medical data electronically rather than by hand, there are in turn fewer mistakes caused by human error. The manual double-entry of data is prone to errors, while CureMD eliminates the worry of any legibility or handwriting issues which may lead to incorrect diagnosis. 
  • More Accurate Treatment: CureMD EMR can keep track of a patient’s entire medical history. With fewer documentation errors, diagnosis and treatment should become more accurate and effective the first time around. 
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Rather than spending time digging up a patient’s file, users can quickly and easily access a patient’s information with one quick search. Combine this with fewer errors and more accurate treatment and your health organization is able to increase its daily traffic as well as the quality of health care. 
  • Security of Information: By storing medical information to CureMD EHR rather than physically in filing cabinets, you don’t run the risk of sensitive patient information being misplaced, destroyed or tampered with. Certain users can be assigned different access levels to assure nobody has access to information they don’t need. 
  • Increased Communication: Both practitioners and patients can use CureMD EMR to communicate with one another. The two can view medical history and communicate with one another in real-time on their mobile devices. 

Industry Expertise

CureMD serves a variety of clients in the medical industry, from small, specialty clinics to large hospitals with multiple departments.

Key Features

  • Document Manager: CureMD’s document manager integrates with the PACS system to collect, scan and attach paper charts, clinical images, x-rays, photographs, audio files and more. 
  • Enterprise Scheduling: Using color coding, CureMD EMR handles the entire scheduling process, matching up physicians and specialty equipment with the proper exam rooms at the correct times. Hospitals with multiple facilities can manage appointments and workflow automatically across every location. 
  • Interoperability: CureMD EHR connects with health information exchanges, pharmacies, payers, patients, labs, etc. and allows stakeholders to seamlessly exchange information between one another. 
  • E-Prescribing: CureMD’s e-prescribing tool connects with more than 40,000 pharmacies across the US. This feature allows access to a patient’s complete medication history from pharmacies as well as provides an up-to-date drug knowledge base. 
  • Patient Portal: Patients can use their own devices to view lab results, set-up appointments, request prescription refills, view billing statements and make payments online. Additionally, patients can receive messages as well as reminders from their physicians. 

CureMD EHR Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email CureMD for basic information and instructions regarding the software as well as get help with troubleshooting or debugging.
phonePhone: Phone support is available on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM EST. Users can receive advice, assistance, troubleshooting and debugging.
schoolTraining: CureMD has a strong reputation for its easy implementation and ease of use. There are also webinars to stay up to date with new CureMD solutions as well as what they call “Curewiki” which provides immediate answers to common day to day questions.
local_offerTickets: Using CureMD’s website, users can submit requests for online support. Once a request has been submitted, the next available support assistant will respond. Like telephone support, CureMD’s live chat operates Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM and 8:30 PM EST.

CureMD Reviews

The following reviews for CureMD are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Pretty Good Software
Pretty simple to use. Everything is very easy to navigate. You can also use some of this software features on their app which is awesome when you are out and about! This software is pretty great, but as other uses say, it could be easier to use.
Only works with internet explorer, which I REALLY dislike. Needs to be available on other browsers.
Healthcare / Social Services
50 - 99
Cure MD the virtual doctors office!
Papers and pens are Shakespeare days! Cure MD not only makes you feel as if your in the future but also saves you massive amount of filing time and organization. You can store years worth of disclosed confidential medical imaging reports, blood results and much more. The staff loves Cure MD simply because its simple to use.
Cure MD has no cons! You need Cure MD in every medical office!!
Cure MD allowed me to save a lot of time with transferring results and referrals. Saves the patient time in their day as well as the medical providers!
Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Overpromised and Underdelivered
Absolutely Nothing. Providers do not like it. Office staff do not like it. Owner does not like it.
This system was sold as a full suite billing and EHR system. Had to use internet explorer, flat fees per month were very prohibitive, support in Pakistan, patient billing was sent months after the fact once insurances paid, patients complained, finally got a rein of the situation and billed patients directly and told them insurance would reimburse them for whatever was covered on their plan.
Extremely frustrating.
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