Benefits and Insights

Why use NextGen Office?

Key differentiators & advantages of NextGen Office

  • Easily Configurable to Your Specialty: NextGen can be customized to meet the needs of your unique facility. Templates can be configured for your organization, while claim-follow-up rules can be customized to your physicians’ preferences. 
  • Simple Reporting and Analytics: Detailed, practice-wide financial analytics and business intelligence tools allow your organization to keep track of finances as well as improve patient outcomes. Health patterns can be recognized, which helps with diagnosis and providing suggested treatment options. 
  • Navigate Between Multiple Billing Accounts with Ease: While many software solutions seemingly make bouncing around between different accounts a difficult and time-consuming hassle, NextGen’s medical billing services solution lets users quickly and easily navigate between a variety of accounts. 
  • Enhanced Communication: Physicians are able to exchange instant messages, fax information electronically and video chat with patients. Text and email reminders can also be sent out to patients, reducing no-shows. 
  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency: NextGen provides a number of tools, like EHR, practice management, revenue cycle management and patient portal to cut down the amount of time your physicians spend on administrative tasks. Saving physicians time allows them to see more patients in a given day, increasing your health organization's traffic while providing greater care at the same time. 
  • Provide Healthcare Remotely: Mobile applications allow your physicians to provide patient care regardless of their location. Healthcare professionals can access patient information, view lab results, prescribe medications, exchange messages with patients and set up telehealth appointments all online. 

Industry Expertise

NextGen Healthcare has been in use by medical professionals for over 45 years. In that time they have acquired five other organizations, most recently EagleDream Health in 2017. NextGen connects over one million caregivers across the globe.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling: NextGen’s calendar is easily navigable and makes appointment scheduling simple. In addition to being color-coded, users can easily make changes by clicking and dragging a current appointment to another time slot. 
  • Point-of-Care Charting: Clinicians can help drive efficiency by updating a patient’s chart or records in real time. Templates can be customized for your facility’s specialty while giving physicians the option to talk, type or touch while charting. 
  • Patient Portal: The patient portal helps increase patient engagement while enhancing staff efficiency. Patients can go online to schedule appointments, make payments, request medication refills and receive appointment reminders. Telehealth appointments can also be scheduled and carried out online. 
  • Revenue Management: NextGen allows your physicians to focus on patients, reducing the burden of medical billing while improving profitability at the same time. Insurance claims can be swept and scrubbed of any mistakes or coding errors, leading to fewer rejections and higher first-time acceptance rates. 
  • Mobile Apps: Physicians can access the EHR using their tablet or iPad, allowing them to handle tasks while they are out of the office. Because the solution is cloud-based, all that is needed to access the software is an internet connection. 
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification: NextGen is able to automatically verify whether or not a patient’s insurance provider is eligible for your facility, in particular. Claims can be customized individually while a patient’s financial history can be viewed to assess potential payment risks. 

NextGen Healthcare Suite Support

In addition to phone support, NextGen customers can login with their username and password to NextGen’s online Success Community where they can access help materials as well as talk with support experts.

phonePhone: NextGen Office provides phone support via (855) 510-6398 in addition to supplying phone numbers for a variety of their regional locations — including India — on their website.
schoolTraining: NextGen’s website offers a number of helpful resources, from training to consulting and financial services. E-books, webinars, infographics, videos and more are accessible through their website. Demos can also be requested at no additional charge.