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Key differentiators & advantages of athenaHealth

  • Mobile Accessibility: The system’s popular mobile app, athenaOne, provides healthcare providers with access to schedules, inboxes, documentation and more. It allows users to access a variety of features from any location, at any time as long as there is a reliable internet connection.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: AthenaHealth allows your staff to access clinical information from multiple sources instantly. This immediate access to patient information saves time and helps to provide the most accurate treatment at the same time.
  • Focus on Patients: Physicians can free up time spent on tasks and technical issues and repurpose that time to focus on patient care, reducing the number of disruptions.
  • Interoperability: With athenaHealth, physicians can easily exchange crucial patient data with that from other healthcare sites while directly adding any key information to a patient’s chart in real time.
  • Patient Engagement: Patients can exchange messages with their physicians, view lab results, request prescription refills and more using their mobile devices. Additionally, patients can receive automated reminders and notifications regarding appointments, billing and follow-up care.
  • Healthcare Regulations: AthenaHealth monitors changes to federal quality programs so you don’t have to do so. With changing healthcare regulations like MACRA and MIPS, this solution helps to stay one step ahead and helps to understand any changes.
  • Return on Investment: While the implementation of any software is often expensive, the end result can help your health organization financially in the long run. Qualifying facilities can also earn monetary government incentives simply by implementing an EHR, with more incentives for meeting meaningful use standards.
  • Fewer No-Shows: With tools for patients to manage their appointments and check-in online prior to their visit, your health organization can reduce no-shows and increase daily traffic.
  • Billing/Claims Management: Insurance claims are automatically scrubbed of errors before being submitted, leading to a higher first-pass resolution rate.

Industry Expertise

AthenaHealth has been serving medical professionals throughout the U.S. for over 20 years. What began as Athena Health Center, a very successful birthing and women’s health center, was quickly transformed in order to use that same software in more health clinics. A variety of healthcare facilities and medical specialties use these solutions to manage their operations.

Key Features

  • Connected Health Network: With connected knowledge from over 160,000 providers and 100 million patients, physicians are able to offer greater care. Users can exchange information with over a quarter of a million points of care, such as specialists, urgent cares, labs, pharmacies and more. Additionally, your facility’s population health performance can be compared to that of other providers.
  • Scheduling: Appointment scheduling allows a health facility to optimize the number of patients that can be seen each day. With automated reminders and online patient check-in, you can limit the number of no shows while improving patient satisfaction.
  • Record Demographics: AthenaOne maintains records of patient demographic information, including preferred language, insurance type, gender, race, and ethnicity. These attributes can be used as inclusion/exclusion criteria or as filters in reports, allowing clinicians to target specific patient populations for outreach.
  • Patient Portal: Athena's patient portal allows patients to view their medical history, sign documents, pay bills, manage appointments and more through the use of their mobile device. Physicians can communicate with patients through messaging, notes or even video calls.
  • Clinical Summaries: It enables healthcare practices to provide clinical summaries onin paper or through the patient portal. Upon completion of the patient encounter, an encounter summary is produced that can be printed and provided to the patient or posted to the portal. Clinicians can also send an in-office ‘task’ to a care team member, engaging them in the process of following up on patient care planning and education.
  • Workflow Dashboard: The workflow dashboard allows users to access revenue cycle tasks as well as patient data easily in one centralized place.
  • Epocrates: AthenaHealth’s Epocrates tool identifies potentially harmful interactions from up to 30 prescription and over-the-counter drugs simultaneously. Users can access peer-reviewed diagnostics and gather guidance separated by patient type.
  • Authorization Management: AthenaOne offers an integrated authorization management service to EHR clients and practice management services. It supports prior electronic authorization on clinical documentation using HSR-278 EDI standards with end to end visibility via an integrated dashboard and keeps track of changing payer's rules.
  • Care Coordination: This system allows physicians to easily access and share data, track orders, send results and more. Sensitive information is kept secure while that data can be shared in real time
  • AthenaCommunicator: AthenaCommunicator helps care teams connect with patients outside the exam room through live, automated and online communications that integrate with practice management and EHR services. With resources like a symptom checker, Athena encourages patients to take an active role in their health. It provides an automated messaging service that sends automated appointment reminders, test results, and messages about office closures. It allows for creating a HIPAA compliant outreach campaign for targeting specific groups of patients.
  • Performance Reporting: Physicians can access detailed, real-time reports based on other clinics that use athenaHealth to help establish benchmarks, recognize patterns and issue more accurate treatment and diagnosis.
  • Population Health: AthenaHealth's population health tools allow your physicians to stay connected to vital patient population data. Automated outreach services are provided in addition to network-based knowledge from in-house analysis experts.
  • Medication List Management: AthenaClinicals allows the provider to record current and historical medications for a patient. It ensures that the provider can track all medications the patient takes, including those prescribed by other providers or taken over-the-counter. AthenaClinicals is SureScripts certified. SureScripts medication history downloads can also help providers maintain this list and coordinate care between different providers.
  • Interoperability: The solution is an interoperable EHR solution that connects to more than 26,000 health plans, 12,000 lab and imaging endpoints, 95% of US pharmacies, and more than 1,200 connections to non-athena sites. The athenaHealth network connects to CommonWell and CareQuality, which provides access to Epic and Cerner sites, along with numerous local, state and national Health Information Exchanges.
  • Athenahealth Marketplace: It provides access to the athenaHealth marketplace that has apps that facilitate the extension of athenaHealth products' capabilities. It also provides developer support.


  • It doesn’t have handwriting recognition
  • The software doesn’t have an integrated telehealth solution

AthenaHealth Suite Support

AthenaHealth doesn’t offer customer support through email or phone; instead, customers can log on to athenaNet to report any issues and request help.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support isn’t available at this time.
phonePhone: There isn’t any phone support currently available.
schoolTraining: AthenaHealth offers 24/7 emergency support in addition to comprehensive onboarding and continuous training. Webinars and case studies can also be accessed online at any time.
local_offerTickets: Anyone can submit questions by providing their name and email, whether it be patients, physicians, practice owners, etc. Potential customers can schedule a one-on-one meeting online to get more information about how this solution can benefit them.

athenaHealth Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

731 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Customer Support: Users who struggled with implementation received adequate support, and all users have access to effective support at all times, as noted by almost 90% of reviews.
  • Functionality: Athena provides medical practices with all of the functionality that they need, as noted by slightly more than 75% of reviews.
  • User Interface: The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, as noted by 75% of reviews.
  • System Downtime: Of the users who discussed the solution’s accessibility, 60% noted that they had not experienced any significant system downtime and felt that they were always able to access functionalities when they wanted to.


  • Claims: While the claims scrubbing feature was praised by users, nearly 70% of reviewers felt that this feature noted that the language used for claims is difficult to interpret, clearing claims can be challenging and users felt that they did not receive satisfactory support when they reached out for help in regards to this feature.
  • Cost: Though only mentioned by approximately 10% of reviewers, the high price of the system was a detriment of the platform, as reported by 80% of users who discuss price in their review.
  • Accuracy: Some reviewers noted that they had difficulty entering or searching for their data within the platform as well as found inconsistencies within their records, as reported by 60% of users who mentioned Athena’s accuracy.
  • Suggestions: Users can make suggestions about changes they’d like to see within the system on a community forum, however, nearly 70% of reviewers who mention this capability felt that the suggestions of larger companies were unfairly prioritized over the suggestions of everyone else.

Researcher's Summary:

Athena offers robust functionalities that streamline many daily tasks for care providers. Many users felt that the system offered all of the functionalities they were looking for and felt that the interface was easy to navigate and did not experience system downtime. Users also felt that customer support was able to address most of their concerns at a satisfactory level. However, some users felt that the claims functionality was unsatisfactory and recognized that the system couldn’t make their desired customizations. Users also noticed inaccuracies in their data, but many were unable to determine if this was a result of the system storing information incorrectly or the result of users experiencing difficulty navigating the platform. The high price of this system may be cost prohibitive as this system is best suited for smaller practices that won’t need to provide multiple care providers with access to the system.

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