Benefits and Insights

Why use athenaCollector?

Key differentiators & advantages of athenaCollector

  • Get Paid More, Faster: AthenaCollector helps your organization get paid more quickly by scrubbing claims of any errors before submission. Denied claims can be resubmitted automatically to save time and prevent missing out on reimbursements. 
  • Improve Collections With Less Work: AthenaCollector helps to ensure the full amount of money owed is paid in a timely manner, boasting a 95% first-pass acceptance rate for insurance claims. By automating the billing and payment processes, staff members are required to do less work overall. 
  • Optimize Staff Performance: With more time available to your physicians through the automation of tasks, your healthcare professionals can get back to focusing on what’s most important — the patient. Analytics help provide insights and recognize patterns, making accurate diagnosis and treatment more likely. 
  • Compare Your Performance With Your Peers: By connecting with other AthenaHealth providers, you can compare the performance of your facility with others using the network. This can help lead to greater treatment results. Data analytics are made transparent and much easier to understand by displaying information in graphs, charts and more. 
  • Speed Up Patient Visits: Rather than having to check a patient’s insurance eligibility before each appointment, updates can be made online by the patient themselves. Additionally, a patient can walk out of the building once their appointment is finished with their payment taken out automatically. This gets rid of the time spent settling up once an appointment is finished. Athena’s advanced scheduling tool also helps to keep patient wait times down. 

Industry Expertise

AthenaHealth has been serving healthcare professionals for over 20 years. Over 200 million claims have been handled with the help of AthenaCollector, with 106 million patients served and 27,000 different health plans. AthenaHealth was founded in San Diego, CA, before moving its headquarters to Watertown, MA.

Key Features

  • Performance Reporting: AthenaCollector allows your health professionals to view detailed, real-time reports with the click of a button. Benchmarks are established based on comparisons with other AthenaHealth customers to help drive better results. 
  • Revenue Cycle Dashboard: Physicians can easily access revenue cycle tasks as well as patient information from a singular, centralized dashboard. The intuitive dashboard lets users quickly bounce around from one task to another without getting lost. 
  • Appointment Scheduling: This allows your organization to optimize the number of appointments, increasing daily traffic. The online scheduling tool helps to eliminate double-scheduling or scheduling conflicts while connecting your physicians with patients. Automatic reminders are also sent out to help prevent no-shows. 
  • Claims Management: AthenaCollector is able to automatically verify a patient’s insurance eligibility prior to their appointment. Its automatically updated rules engine helps catch errors within claims before submitting them, leading to fewer denials and higher first-time acceptance rates. 
  • Patient Check-In: Patients are able to check themselves in online before showing up for their appointments. Any necessary information can be updated prior to the time of an appointment, saving themselves the time spent filling out charts, providing insurance and more. 

AthenaCollector Suite Support

AthenaHealth offers 24/7 emergency support through its online success community, which provides help categories for various inquiries. Patients will need to login to their AthenaNet account to access this support.

schoolTraining: AthenaCollector’s support team helps with onboarding as well as continuous training from thereon. AthenaInsight online provides a number of tools to help with common difficulties. The vendor website also provides webinars, case studies and white papers.
local_offerTickets: A one-on-one meeting can be scheduled online by simply providing your name, organization information and a brief description of the issue or concern.

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