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Why use Allscripts?

Key differentiators & advantages of Allscripts

  • Do-It-All: Allscripts serves practices and healthcare organizations of every size and specialty. With a wide variety of features and tools as well as a number of integratable add-ons, Allscripts is a safe solution for most health facilities. 
  • Improved Workflow: Allscripts solutions are made to collect important information such s prior authorizations, quality reporting and medical record sharing. In addition to managing the schedule and managing your staff, physicians and patients can communicate with one another online via real-time messaging to bridge the communication gap between appointments. Specialty equipment can be assigned automatically to the proper exam room and physician at the correct time. 
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Allscripts automates many of the time-consuming and repetitive everyday tasks. Users can quickly access patient demographics, payment information and insurance to make the overall process of patient visits more efficient. 
  • Greater Employee Health: Allscripts PM offers employee health management solutions to help keep track of your staff’s overall health and encourage a healthy lifestyle from all employees. Users can track their progress and view their health plans online using the software. 

Industry Expertise

Allscripts has been serving a number of healthcare organizations of all sizes around the world for decades. Allscripts offers a wide variety of tools and features to handle both administrative and clerical work, helping to streamline a facility’s daily operations.

Key Features

Depending on the size and specialty of your healthcare, the specifics of these features may vary. However, all the features below are offered for both specialty practices as well as larger hospital organizations.

  • EHR: Clinicians can chart and document a patient’s medical information and store that data for future use. Allscripts EHR is made for both specialty clinics and larger hospital organizations, although the solutions vary depending on whether you provide ambulatory or inpatient treatment. 
  • Population Health: Allscripts’ population health management platform, “CareInMotion,” offers patient engagement, data analytics, coordination of patient care and more. The population health tool allows practices to study an overall group’s health and focus on more local medical priorities specific to one’s health organization. 
  • Precision Medicine: Rather than viewing all patients as a whole, precision medicine helps to create a more personalized approach when prescribing medication. Precision medicine shares information simultaneously for research and pharmacogenomics. 
  • E-Prescribing: This makes the entire prescription process quicker and easier for not only the physician, but the patient as well. Pharmacies can pull up medication history and be alerted for any drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions that may occur based on the patient’s current medication and/or diagnosis. 
  • Financial Management: Allscripts’ financial management solutions connect your planning, analytics, and revenue cycle activities to help you manage your finances and keep track of the money being brought and help make processes more efficient. 
  • Employer Health Programs:  These programs encourage employees to pay more attention to their physical health and allows users to keep track of health programs and view their progress. 

Allscripts Suite Support

phonePhone: Allscripts offers phone support during business hours to connect clients with experts for more advanced questions or in-depth explanations. Customers can access a directory of support phone numbers on their website.
schoolTraining: Allscripts’ developer program helps connect devices and application with the open platform. Users can create an account on the developer portal to get help with support and access new tools.
local_offerTickets: Using Allscripts’ website, customers can fill out requests and submit a contact form for any questions or issues. You can also use the client management portal to request support and manage personal information.

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