Benefits and Insights

Why use AdvancedMD?

Key differentiators & advantages of AdvancedMD

  • Synchronize Workflow: With integratable features and configurable templates, AdvancedMD helps optimize workflow by connecting your entire facility with multiple departments and other pharmacies and labs. Patient information is updated to the system in real time to provide physicians with all the up-to-date information they need to properly treat a patient. 
  • Maximize Revenue: While optimizing your facility’s workflow, it’s natural that you’ll end up treating more patients daily, in turn leading to an increase in money to be brought in. This system allows you to maximize the number of patients that can be cared for without sacrificing quality treatment. 
  • Manage Reputation: Health organizations are able to manage online surveys and patient feedback relating to your practice and doctors using AdvancedReputation. Reviews are both easy to fill out and easy for online searchers to see how many reviews you have as well as how well you rank in comparison to other practices. 
  • Scalability: With a variety of optional features and tools, AdvancedMD can be tailored to a variety of health specialties as well as different-sized facilities based on each organization’s unique needs. 
  • Mobility: AdvancedMD offers applications for iPhone and iPad, allowing your physicians to communicate with patients and provide care whenever and wherever. 
  • Patient Engagement: Patients can be much more involved throughout their entire healthcare process with the use of the patient portal. Patients can go online to communicate with their physicians, send refill requests for medication, view lab results and more. 

Industry Expertise

AdvancedMD software solutions are used by a variety of medical organizations, such as group practices, mental health, physical therapy, laboratories and even billing service companies.

Key Features

  • Scheduling: AdvancedMD’s medical scheduling tool allows users to quickly view appointment and patient information by simply hovering their mouse over the calendar. Additionally, patient visits are able to be tracked and recurring appointments can be set, while automated patient reminders are sent out, reducing no-shows. 
  • Billing: In addition to collecting patient payments, this solution is able to verify insurance eligibility automatically while providing users with all the necessary medical billing information in one centralized location.  
  • Clearinghouse: This feature is used to sweep claims of any coding errors to ensure an accurate claim submission. Any copays, deductibles and additional coverage can be automatically verified prior to a patient’s visit, while on-the-spot insurance checks are also efficient. 
  • Patient Portal: Patients are able to view lab results, pay bills, message their physicians and request office appointments online using AdvancedMD’s patient portal. Your providers can use the portal to exchange messages with a patient, manage prescription renewal requests and send out alerts and notifications. 
  • E-Prescribing: This feature allows providers to electronically prescribe medications — including controlled substances — quickly and easily. AdvancedMD connects your facility to a variety of pharmacies around the US, while users are able to request refills and access a patient’s medication history in the office or on the go. 
  • Telemedicine: Practitioners can use AdvancedMD to schedule online appointments with their patients, such as face-to-face video conversations to provide remote clients with the personal attention of an office visit. 
  • Smart Dashboard: Using the dashboard, you can automatically prioritize and manage frequent tasks. In addition to providing health analytics, users can be alerted of any urgent issues, like abnormal lab results. 
  • Configurable Templates: AdvancedMD is able to be tailored to a variety of specialties, with note and sub-note templates designed by physicians to optimize workflow while fitting in with your facility’s preexisting style. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Not compatible with Android devices 
  •  Doesn’t display business performance in real time 
  •  Doesn’t provide an immunization inventory module 
  •  Initial setup and learning can be difficult 
  •  Scheduling functionality doesn’t let users add a new schedule format quickly 

Suite Support

phonePhone: AdvancedMD provides phone support Monday through Friday during business hours.
schoolTraining: A variety of learning tools can be found on AdvancedMD’s website, from blog articles and videos to e-guides, webinars and more. Customers can access a collection of educational resources for nearly all specialties through the online learning center.
local_offerTickets: To issue a support case, customers can enter their office key online to provide feedback, ask questions or make a request.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • Subscription fee is paid monthly based on the number of users
  • Offers standard plans and pre-configured pricing plans
Maintenance Cost
  • Cost is included with the subscription, covering ongoing upgrades and 24/7 customer support
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • Installation cost is included with the subscription fee
Customization Cost
  • Not included in the subscription cost
  • Cost varies depending on the type of custom service chosen
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • Depends on the amount of data needed to be migrated as well as the complexity and accuracy of that data
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • Recurring monthly fee is charged based on the subscription model selected