Integrating Marketing Automation into Your Business

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It’s no secret that marketing automation strategies are diverse enough to function well in multiple channels – you just have to identify which of these channels are most relevant to your business goals and how marketing automation can be integrated into them. 

The Trouble with Launching

Why is integrating marketing automation such a problem for so many modern companies? In short, businesses are commonly set in their ways, and the effort required to make changes can seem massively overwhelming. It may be hard to justify the costs of implementing a new system when you face the overwhelming tides of corporate culture and practicality.

Consider a firm that employs regional account managers who each handle a few clients or verticals. The company’s niche aside, the fact that its marketing activities are distributed among its personnel may make it more difficult to enforce uniform directives concerning new methodologies, like performing social media followups or sending thank-you emails to prior consumers. Good management techniques certainly help keep things on track, but without some kind of intelligent framework to guide the transition, staff may find it exceedingly hard to adapt.

Companies whose marketing procedures differ widely to accommodate specific clients or verticals may face a similar array of problems. Employing varied marketing processes can help target independent consumer groups more effectively, but it may also increase the difficulty of instituting universal metrics or forming beneficial new marketing analysis habits.

Identifying and Eliminating Disparities

Good marketing automation is pervasive; it ties a wide range of different business activities together by unifying the data they generate for further scrutiny. Identifying the lead generation, social media outreach or CRM processes you’ve failed to track in the past is the key to making your marketing more impactful, and marketing automation is vital in the quest for efficient knowledge acquisition.

Customizable marketing automation software makes it much easier to get a handle on factors you may have overlooked. One study even revealed that companies that employed marketing automation were about three times as likely to track their content-marketing efforts across multiple points of contact. For the thousands of firms that grapple with the need to retain their brand significance in a world of growing digital engagement and cross-media promotion, software that facilitates the comprehensive management of disparate campaigns and marketing drives is invaluable.

One of the most interesting aspects of marketing automation software is that it can be implemented without actually making any significant changes. Setting up a marketing automation system that only performs trivial tasks, like metric tracking, is an ideal way to get an accurate baseline for how well your existing processes actually function. From there, you can build on the information you’ve gathered to put any changes you make into context and continuously gauge their validity.

Other companies adopt a quick-start approach to marketing automation in order to target known deficiencies. For instance, you might set up a simple system that does little more than send holiday sales emails to prior customers based on their buying behaviors so that you no longer have to manually keep track of who makes seasonal purchases and spend time writing them messages. Even if all you do with your marketing automation software is generate internal notices that remind your sales managers to attend to follow ups, you can vastly minimize your management legwork obligations.

Beginning to Unify Your Marketing Efforts

Integrating marketing automation into your advertising, CRM, outreach, order fulfillment and accounting practices is easier with the right tools. Check out the SelectHub Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide to learn how using marketing automation software could help your organization refine its outreach efforts to fulfill more of its goals.

SelectHubIntegrating Marketing Automation into Your Business

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