Eloqua, Pardot and Marketo Competitors: Competitive Analysis of Top 5+ Alternatives

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Marketing automation is a growing business. More and more companies are realizing that a marketing automation platform allows them to do more with the resources that they have. Marketing automation platforms help with things like email marketing, landing page design, lead management and social media strategy. Different types of analytics and reporting also enhance what marketers are able to do for their company with these types of modern resources.

Compare Pricing for Marketing Automation Software Leaders

Three of the top marketing automation platforms are Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot. All three are capable and popular automation solutions. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other strong options on the market.  CadillusCloud, Act-on and eTrigue have all received high marks from customer reviews.


CallidusCloud offers features like a visitor ID tool to track visitors on the site, as well as specific email marketing tools and lead nurturing functionality to help make deals happen. It’s available for Apple and Windows environments, and deployable through the cloud or on desktop.


Act-on is a tool that many companies rely on to build better relationships and enhance brand marketing. Visual dashboards help show users business intelligence results, and customer relationship management integration adds to the value of this marketing automation offering. Act-on also gets high marks for being good for smaller marketing teams.


eTrigue provides a good first tool for small teams, and its utility is mainly limited to small and medium-sized businesses. One-to-one email programming and detailed reporting features make this a popular marketing automation tool. It also provides the ability to score prospects, which can help with BI analytics. The eTrigue system combines email, web, social and mobile marketing into one comprehensive automation platform.


A medium-priced vendor option that’s good for businesses of all sizes, HubSpot is another major competitor. As a major brand name in marketing automation, HubSpot Workflows is fairly well known. Users get timeline segmentation tools, good data analysis resources, and multichannel marketing automation that can help with lead nurturing. There is also an email marketing program and templates that companies can use to fine-tune their marketing processes. Fore more details, see our breakdown of Pardot vs Hubspot.


iContact (formerly known as Outmarket) marketing automation platform is an example of a more affordable marketing automation tool that’s good for small and medium-sized businesses. This is another platform that helps customize email marketing, allowing marketers to work on landing page design and social media strategy in a visual way.

Compare Top Marketing Automation Software Leaders

Other interesting and popular marketing automation choices include InfusionSoft and IBM’s Silverpop. Look at any of these top marketing automation packages along with the big names to figure out what’s best for your particular business needs.

SelectHubEloqua, Pardot and Marketo Competitors: Competitive Analysis of Top 5+ Alternatives

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