The Benefits of Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is an amazing technology that keeps getting better. You can trust me on that – I’ve deployed nearly two dozen marketing automation installs over the past 4 years, as well as having worked directly within a marketing automation company. Now I run marketing automation and operations here at SelectHub. Using marketing automation software helps sales and marketing teams function more effectively and there are a number of ways this happens. 

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Based on my years of experience, I can assure you there are a number of benefits of marketing automation. Any organization, small businesses to huge enterprises, can realize the following key benefits from implementing a marketing automation solution:

  • Improving the efficiency of the sales team and sales cycle

In the past, your sales team had to dig hard to figure out if a lead is qualified. Now, using progressive web form profiling, CRM integration, email marketing, visitor tracking intelligence and lead scoring (all available in marketing automation platforms), your sales team will experience an exponential increase in their efficiency. These aforementioned marketing automation tools combined with real-time sales alerts will not only make your sales team’s jobs easier, but they will be spending a majority of their time on more qualified leads.

  • Increased effectiveness of the marketing team

Not only is your sales team going to be happier AND more efficient (not chasing cold or unqualified leads), your marketing team also benefits from using marketing automation. Higher converting landing pages, smarter web forms that build more complete lead profiles, automated lead nurturing programs, enhanced customer engagement, social media management and other key marketing automation features all support your marketing campaigns and your marketing team’s ability to improve it’s lead generation program, delivering sales-ready leads to your sales team.

  • Save time and money on marketing administrative tasks

Many marketing automation platforms can help you automate core marketing administration, including: keeping marketing lists organized, sending individual personalized emails from representatives in your organization, creating, syncing and updating CRM software records, campaign management and reporting and other administrative functions. Often, these tasks were a job requirement of a marketing assistant/coordinator having to manually manage spreadsheets and data entry chores. Now, marketing automation platforms can be programmed to do all these things at scale, freeing up your marketing coordinators time for more important tasks.

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  • Deliver better targeted and relevant messaging in your demand generation program

Using a combination of segmentation and programmed campaigns/triggers, you are able to deliver better messaging to your audience based on who they are and what they are interested in. Using information they’ve shared via web forms, along with other data you collect (i.e. website behavior, customer relationship management data, third party data), you can segment your audience and perform cross-channel marketing (e.g. email campaigns, dynamic onsite content marketing, sms messaging, remarketing) that is more meaningful than you’ve been able to present in the past.

  • Accelerate close rates through sales automation

Through the combination of many of the features/functions I’ve listed above, you can accelerate your close rate. By knowing what stage in the buying cycle a lead is in (based on content they’ve viewed, conversations with representatives, etc.), you are now more capable of delivering the next piece of industry/product education that will help leads in the decision-making process, moving them further along in the sales funnel.

By improving your sales process and sales team’s efficiency, you reduce time spent chasing leads that aren’t ready. Through automated campaigns, you can nurture leads until they show a buying signal or raise their hand directly. Marketing and sales are working together now to close business – a revolution to the way many companies have (failed to) collaborate in the past.

  • Increase in revenue

Saving the best for last, using a lot of the time savings and efficiency improvements listed above, you’re going to be less wasteful. More importantly, these improvements also lead to increase in revenue. Marketing efforts with targeted messaging leads to higher conversions. Higher conversion lead to more people in your funnel who will eventually be wanting and ready to buy. Marketing automation tends to lead to two big benefits in one: cost savings PLUS an increase in revenue.  

There is a reason marketing automation systems are the most highly sought after marketing software right now – when managed correctly, your marketing automation benefits are big. Once you’ve realized that marketing automation is something your organization needs, the next step is finding the right marketing automation platform. There are a variety of marketing automation solutions out there, many with vast and unique feature sets. We recommend starting with a requirements gathering exercise. We’ve prepared a complimentary marketing automation requirements template to get you started.

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Michael ShearerThe Benefits of Marketing Automation

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