11 Vital Workflows to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Automation Process

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What current condition is your email marketing setup in? Do you have a steady stream of content being delivered to your subscriber’s inboxes, or are your contacts gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere? If you’re not using email automation software, or you’re reading this, the answer is probably the latter.

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To get you started on your journey to what could be a successful and wonderful world of email marketing, here are 11 workflows you need to set up now!

Trigger Workflows

Firstly, let’s start with a basic workflow. Each topic that you write about in your email content should have its own workflow. For example, if you’re talking about headphones, you might talk about quality, comfort, brands, music and a few different use categories.

You can then have these workflows trigger when someone is reading a certain page or blog post, giving them the relevant information that you think that they’d want to read. For more information on marketing and transactional email automation, check out Mailjet.

Welcome to the Gang

Another important trigger that you must use is when somebody becomes a new subscriber to your blog. This will, obviously, trigger when someone’s just input their email into your website and has signed up to your blog, newsletter or website.

This is a great opportunity to say thanks and welcome them to your community.

Boost Successful Posts

It’s completely possible for you to set up a workflow where a user will click on a button or will submit a form, and you set off another trigger. This could be anywhere on your site, but it’s a great way to boost the visibility of your most successful posts.

This works because these users are already engaging with your website, so why not offer them a quick and easy way to see the best content that you’ve got to offer? If your customer is being sent links to content, try and keep the content in your email to a minimum using tools like Easy Word Count.

Guiding Future Purchases

If someone has recently purchased a number of services or products from you, it means they’re already highly engaged with your business, and willing to become a part of it. Sometimes, this is the perfect opportunity to show them some of your best stock, services or products that they’re going to love. Alternatively, you could give them a money-off or discount voucher to say, “thank you, see you next time.”

Securing Sales

One of the hardest tasks to complete as a business is getting a user to make that first, initial purchase. Of course, some products or services are going to get more interest than others, so you need to take this information on board. You can then remind customers, via email, that these are the highest rated pages, edging them into your sales funnel.

One of the best ways to secure a sale is by sharing customer testimonials and reviews about the purchase that they’re stalling on. You can add quotes and references, using tools like Cite It In, to your emails professionally.

Regaining Lost Customers

Of course, sometimes a customer uses your website for a while before they suddenly go dark. Maybe they haven’t used a form in a while, haven’t made a purchase or even still have items sitting in their cart. These are known as “inactive contacts,” and you should still market to them.

Maybe they’ve forgotten about you, or just need a little reminder to get them back on track. Whatever the reason, use this as an opportunity to regain a lost lead. You can create high-quality emails using templates and platforms such as Litmus and Reach Mail to give these customers the best impression of your business.

Empty Shopping Cart

Hand-in-hand with the consideration above, one of the most common times to lose a lead is when they already have stuff in their shopping cart.

However, using email automation, you can make sure that you remind these users after a set amount of time — maybe a day, a week or even a month — that their purchase is pending, should they still be interested in the product. Don’t forget to check your grammar using references such as State of Writing.

Automated Systematic Purchases

Sometimes you might be selling products that are delivered on a cycle, such as milk once a week, or lunchboxes and magazine subscriptions.

The possibilities are endless, but you can take these unique opportunities to automate for a better user experience. For example, you can send an automated email to a customer when the cycle they’ve paid for is about to run out. You can use copywriting services, such as Elite Assignment Help, to ensure you send the best message.

Having Bought in the Past

A past customer is a customer that has already gone through your sales funnel once, and successfully made it to the other side. However, it doesn’t mean that the customer has gone and that’s the end of that.

Using automated emails, you can remind your customers that you’ve still got plenty to offer them. You can even recommend them products based on their previous purchases, giving them a customized experience they won’t be able to resist!

Use Tools for Quality

No matter what kind of workflow you’re trying to target, you still need to ensure that the quality of your emails is as high as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to make this a simpler task.

For example, you can use tools like Oxessays to edit your email, regardless of what you’re writing. Likewise, you can use tools such as Resumention to help you complete your proofreading tasks.

Experimenting with Automation

Each business is different, and will have a number of different and unique workflows that are available to them. Sometimes, it’s simply worth experimenting with email placement, just to see what works. Set an email up on a button or form and see what kind of feedback and response you receive.


Email automation has come a long, long way since it was first developed, and it’s still being improved to this day. If you’re not already using it, you’re missing out on so many possible opportunities; you’ll be shocked to find what it can do for you.

This article was written as a guest post by Gloria Kopp. She  is an email marketer and a content manager at Bigassignments. Gloria writes columns at Huffingtonpost, Engadget, Microsoft, etc. She is an author of Studydemic blog where she writes her guides and reviews with students and educators.

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Gloria Kopp11 Vital Workflows to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Automation Process

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  • WritingPaper - February 23, 2018 reply

    I just recently started applying e-marketing for my business, and thank you for these recommendations. I have long heard that e-mail is very effective, and it converts orders on the site well. Your triggers do work, I plan to use most of them in my e-mail list. Your trigger “Welcome to the gang” is very correct, because you need to thank your new member. I even saw a similar trigger, which gave some product to the company for free, only per subscription. As for me, this option is also excellent, if you have some good product, you can give it to your subscribers. This will only improve your relationship!

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