Benefits and Insights

Why use RedPoint Global?

Key differentiators & advantages of RedPoint Global

  • One Platform to Manage Customer Data: Redpoint Global leverages one platform that records all relevant data and creates a single view of the customer’s information.  
  • Operate in Real-Time: It processes data in real-time and makes it available across all levels of the organization with near-zero latency.  
  • Web-Interface and Workflow: It simplifies data stewardship with its workflows and user-friendly web interface for escalations and review. 
  • Creates View of Each Customer: The platform updates views of each customer via deterministic and probabilistic matching algorithms.  
  • Progressive Profiles: It creates progressive profiles of customers to deliver personalized engagement, lowering interaction costs.  
  • Data Preparation: It reduces manual data processing with its functions and API connectors.  
  • Supports All Types of Data: It integrates all types and sources of data, be it streaming or batch, internal or external, resulting in an updated customer profile.  

Industry Expertise

Redpoint has a Customer Data Platform that helps with building and managing a one-stop view of the customer profile. This view is important as it helps key decision makers design relevant messages for the customer’s personalized experience and engagement. It helps organizations sort through siloed, unusable data and create customer profiles and personalized experiences. Its offerings can be used for retail, retail banking and more.
  • Customer Engagement Hub: This feature unifies customer data and gives insights into what to do next. It encourages omnichannel interactions. Recognizing customer context improves customer acquisition and retention as organizations offer relevant messages across channels.
  • Data Platform: It provides live control over batch and streaming customer data by bringing all types and sources together. It provides scalability and flexibility and also helps with eliminating redundancies and gaps.  
  • Data Management & Quality: It cleans and integrates data with APIs, helping with the operationalization of data to gain insights. It identifies, matches, links and de-duplicates files and standardizes and corrects data. Its functions operate with Hadoop, traditional databases and other NoSQL databases.  
  • SaaS Delivery Option: It helps growth marketers deliver omnichannel campaigns and personalize them across all channels through the customer lifecycle.  

Redpoint Global Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users from the US can email Redpoint at [email protected], from Asia Pacific at [email protected] and from Europe at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users from the US can call at +1 781 725 0259, from Asia Pacific at +63-2-231-2864, and from Europe at +44 (0)20 3948 8170.
schoolTraining: Redpoint Global has a range of support material available on their website. Users can choose from a host of options: case studies, white papers, infographics, research reports and videos.

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