Benefits and Insights

Why use Plumb5?

Key differentiators & advantages of Plumb5

  • Knowing your visitors - Start tracking your visitors on your website by their source, location, site behavior, activity and more 
  • Gather insights - Measure content views of your visitor. Apply content variation tests and gather their preferences along with behavior, which will help in personalizing content for effective conversions 
  • Target based on insights - Based on insights, personalize content and target it to custom cohorts created by you, for follow-up interactions 
  • Increase your leadbase - Automate Forms based on behavior, to tactically collect lead information and intent responses from a browsing visitor. 
  • Communicate with them - Initiate mail campaigns to generate interest among your leads. Automate periodic rule-based mail follow-ups based on their interest. 
  • Chat and convert - Invite your lead to a chat session, when online, to discuss more about the offering and walk him through the goal paths 
  • Engage your customer - Engage with your customer to understand his preferences, experience, feedback and buying pattern for successful retention 
  • Connect socially - Connect with customers socially and update them with offers and new releases. Integrate social behavior and preferences to the profile stack 
  • Build relationships - Plug every customer touch-point to gather data of every action and behavior. Create effective relationship paths and increase lifetime value 

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