Benefits and Insights

Why use Mautic?

Key differentiators & advantages of Mautic

  • Track Customer Journeys: As customers travel down the sales funnel, it becomes essential to track their journeys so you can optimize your marketing and sales tactics. This product is equipped with sophisticated tracking features like page views, time-on-site and interest logging. 
  • Generate More Leads: Automation and marketing software is a set-it-and-forget-it way to attract leads, and they also help properly qualify them. 
  • Earn a High ROI:  It can provide a high return on investment by taking the work of a full marketing team and condensing it down into a single, open-source program that manages essential marketing features. 
  • Build Customer Loyalty: By supplying leads with relevant and helpful outreach, users can build loyalty and repertoire with their leads. 
  • Assist Sales: Because automation software is so well optimized for attracting and qualifying leads, sales can rely on a steadier supply of potential customers. 

Industry Expertise

Mautic is an open-source marketing platform that serves users from over 200,000 organizations. Primarily, it sees use in the IT sector. Some major clients of this software include uTest,, Adeo, Layer, ScoliSMART, Rxmarketing and more.

Key Features

  • Social Media Monitoring and Engagement: It comes equipped with features that enable users to monitor social media outreach and then engage potential customers with timed posts and targeted content. 
  • Form Builder: The form builder is intuitive and easy-to-use. Entered data can be used to build robust customer profiles and to better target leads. 
  • Manage Campaigns:  Campaigns can be easily segmented and split up into funnel-relevant stages for optimization and management. 
  • Gather Data: It collects data from a variety of sources, including customer interactions, time-on-site, page views, form data and more, in order to better inform a user’s next steps. 
  • Personalize Emails: Email marketing is stronger when it’s personalized, and Mautic allows users to do just that. It comes equipped with A/B testing as segmented, timed emails to hit customers at key moments in their buyer’s journey. 
  • Track Leads: It comes with lead-tracking capabilities so that users can measure their efforts and attributes leads to specific goals. 

Mautic Suite Support

Due to Mautic’s open-source nature, support for the product comes primarily in the form of community resources, such as forums, a community Slack channel, and an issue tracker. More traditional options such as phone or support tickets are not available.
mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot contact Mautic by email at this time.
phonePhone: There are currently no phone options available from Mautic.
schoolTraining: Training options are limited. Users can visit the community forums or utilize the community Slack channel for training and support. In addition to community-driven resources, there is also a robust documentation library for users to browse through at any time.
local_offerTickets: Support ticketing is somewhat primitive, in that it relies heavily on an issue tracker. Users can submit public issues to the tracker and the devs will fix them. Although, this is only to be used in the case of bug tracking, and not user-errors.

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