Benefits and Insights

Why use Influitive?

Key differentiators & advantages of Influitive

  • Generate ROI: Advocate marketing can increase ROI and generate income by turning your loyal customers into brand ambassadors. 
  • Hand-Off Marketing: You can create a pool of loyal customers who help to automate your marketing process by campaigning for you and your brand — meaning you can shift your focus to other tasks. 
  • Drive Engagement: By personalizing and generating unique advocate experiences, users can help drive greater engagement. 
  • Community Building: Users can cultivate a community of loyal brand advocates by delivering unlockable challenges and integrating with social media sources for greater outreach. 

Industry Expertise

Influitive serves customers across a variety of industries. They have customers in areas such as IT, manufacturing and finance. Major clients include Cisco, Marketo, SAS, Apprenda, Ceridian and Intuit.

Key Features

  • Unique Advocate Marketing System: Advocate marketing turns loyal customers into powerful marketing assets, and with AdvocateHub’s specialized suite of tools created specifically for this purpose, you can easily facilitate those conversations. 
  • Powerful Integrations: You can quickly and easily integrate into a number of sources, such as CRMs or social media platforms to boost brand outreach. 
  • Turn Advocacy Into a Game: The solution takes a unique approach to advocacy marketing. Advocates can earn points by completing marketing challenges, rank on leaderboards, and win prizes that you select. 
  • Track and Measure Impact: The product offers an integrated analytics dashboard that tracks the impact of your marketing efforts and then rewards advocates who have the greatest effect. 
  • Pre-Built Campaigns: A number of pre-built campaigns are included with the software, empowering users to start marketing quickly and efficiently. 
  • Campaign Content Library: Campaigns can go from drab to dramatic with just a few simple clicks. The library is subscription-based with 12 campaigns ready to launch. One campaign is added each month. 

Influitive Suite Support

Support options are limited to a self-guided knowledgebase and an AdvocateHub professional advocate who will devote five hours per-week to subscribers.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact support via email by filling out a form at the top of the support page. Turnaround time is unknown.
phonePhone: Users can call 1-888-684-0758 to get in contact with Influitive.
schoolTraining: Influitive offers a self-service knowledgebase to its users. The knowledgebase has documentation as well as training guides.
local_offerTickets: Support tickets are not available from the company at this time.

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