Benefits and Insights

Why use INBOX25?

Key differentiators & advantages of INBOX25

  • Lead Generation 
    Easy-to-build landing pages and forms that will drive lead generation and more intelligent nurturing. Get started with our easy-to-use page builder or export to your own style.

  • Email Marketing 
    We're passionate about intelligent email marketing and its the cornerstone of our application. Unlike most marketing automation platforms, for us, email isn't an after-thought. Its one of our core-competencies.

  • Social Marketing 
    Social Connect is a complete Social Media Management Platform that connects directly to your marketing database. Create campaigns, deliver content, engage with your audience and measure your social ROI.

  • Drip Marketing 2.0 
    Content Stream is our enhanced Drip Campaign solution, designed for creating and managing an intelligent dialog with your leads and customers.

  • Journey Management 
    Automation enables marketers to plan, personalize, and optimize 1:1 interactions across multiple channels. It leverages real-time customer events and behaviors to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel—throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

  • Click Campaigns (CTA) 
    Click Campaigns allow you to quickly and easily deploy trackable CTA links for a variety of marketing channels including Adwords, Social PPC, Ad Publishing and Link Exchange.

  • Integrations 
    Expand our platforms functionality by connecting powerful 3rd party apps that drive lead generation, engagement and intelligence. Our native integrations include CRM, HelpDesk, Chat and Event mangagement.

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