Benefits and Insights

Why use IBM Unica Leads?

Key differentiators & advantages of IBM Unica Leads

  • Generate new leads by executing targeted, personalized and integrated campaigns with IBM's market-leading campaign management capabilities. 
  • Consolidate leads from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich them with transactional, response and web behavioral data, and score them using business rules or predictive models. 
  • Place leads that are not sales-ready into automated, lead-nurturing campaigns that educate prospects and move them along in the buying cycle, using tactics including multi-wave, multi-step and cross-channel campaigns. 
  • Route leads automatically to a sales force, call center, or channel partners using highly flexible and easily-defined business rules. 
  • Generate reports with the exact information needed by marketers, such as lead generation ROI and responses. 
  • Pass leads into sales force automation (SFA) systems with integration into leading solutions such as and Siebel, or use IBM's lead management user interface.Manage lead generation budgets, coordinate project calendars, ensure approvals are completed on time, and store assets for easy access and re-use.

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