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- Email Marketing Automation Templates, nurturing, recurring emails, autoresponders, notifications - all yours with Genoo. Of course. - Website CMS & WordPress Plugin Create your website in Genoo, or leverage our plugin to supercharge your WordPress site with the power of Genoo. - Call-to-Action Library Create compelling calls-to-action and leverage them anytime, anywhere. Inbound marketing at its finest. - Lead Tracking & Scoring Track 'em, stack 'em, score 'em, sell 'em. When you lead buyers on their journey, you're the prize at the end. BOOM! - Landing Pages Convert with coolness. Create landing pages that make your prospects wonder why they're not your customer already. - Lead Capture Forms Point, click, implement. Never lose a lead in email again. Leads are captured right into your lead database at Genoo. - Social Media Augment lead profiles with information from their social media accounts. Track who shares your content, and what their sharing causes. Way cool! - SalesView CRM Manage your sales process right inside Genoo, or integrate with, or integrate with 17 other CRMs (and more) via Zapier. Done. - Comprehensive Analytics See what's working and what's not. Adjust on the fly. Capitalize on your own best moves. 

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