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  • Email Marketing: Creating an email shouldn’t be the most difficult thing on your plate. Our drag and drop email marketing platform allows you to create beautiful, personalized emails in an intuitive workflow.
  • Marketing Automation: Visually create your automated marketing campaigns using the emfluence Marketing Platform drag-and-drop Workflow Canvas.
  • Website Tracking: Gather actionable data on how (and where) your Contacts are engaging with your website, plus build targeted remarketing campaigns.
  • Social Media: Create, schedule, and track social media messages across multiple channels and integrate social messages into email campaign metrics with ease.
  • Landing Pages: Now that you’re reaching your audience, they’ll need a great place to land. Create interactive, customizable landing pages on the fly.
  • Form Builders: Use our form builder to quickly create and implement forms for website leads, event registrations, and to grow your own email lists.
  • Surveys: Our online survey tool makes it easy to find out what your customers and employees think about your brand and services.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Get the tools you need to report on emails, social posts, campaigns, website traffic, contacts growth, and lead generation in one spot.

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The following reviews for emfluence are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Other Services
20 - 49
Social Media Platform
It is easy to use and clear cut. I also enjoy the feature that shows all past posted media on various platforms.
I don't enjoy how you have to have a smaller image in pixels than what you would normally need if you scheduled on the regular platforms.
I have had a lot of experience with the social media side. Which has been helpful when creating posts to reach out to our followers.
Marketing Services
10000 - 24999
Emfluence platform
I like the ease of use with this platform. It's really all about making the experience simple and easy which is great!
This may be because i use a template in Emfluence, but i've had trouble creating dividers in the template the way it was set up. Again, could simply be because of the template or user error. Other than a little bit of trouble adding dividers it's been really easy to use.
I have really enjoyed using emfluence and even with the template created, it's a really great platform and tool to use.
Marketing Services
Ease of use for new marketers
Even if you're just starting out in emarketing communications this is an easy platform to learn and navigate. Love the drag and drop feature in composing emails. The archiving of social media posts is perfect for the financial services industry that has annual audits/exams of marketing communications.
Every time I've suggested improvements or shown concern about some functionality it's been fixed or improved. I can't think of anything I don't like right now!
I've used the platform on the client and the agency side. I recommend it to everyone I work with - it's easy to use and there is a great support group to help if you struggle. Mostly used for onboarding and customer retention communications.
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