Benefits and Insights

Why use Autopilot?

Key differentiators & advantages of Autopilot

  • Enhance Your Funnels: Marketing automation software can be used to optimize sales and marketing funnels, segmenting and targeting the right users at exactly the right time. 
  • Connect With New Customers: With this software, users can reach, educate and onboard new customers faster with targeted communications. 
  • Create Repeat Buyers and Loyal Customers: Remarketing and communication can be made easier with the power of automation. 
  • Speak to Customers on Every Channel: From emails to landing pages to social media outreach, users can speak to their customers across the spectrum of communication channels. 

Industry Expertise

Autopilot serves a number of customers across various industries, such as the IT space, manufacturing, nonprofits and more. Major customers of Autopilot include Samsung, Greenpeace, Patreon, Lyft and more.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of Integrations:  Autopilot contains hundreds of integrations with popular applications and services. Users can integrate marketing automation with other facets of their business, such as CRM and social platforms. 
  • Send Personalized Messages: Messages can be highly personalized and delivered in a timely manner to target potential leads at the right times. 
  • Visual Campaign Builder: A simple visual campaign builder is included to help marketers envision their campaigns and map out their funnels. 
  • CRM Syncing: Popular CRMs such as Salesforce or Pipiedrive can sync contacts, leads and accounts to Autopilot. 
  • Work Together in Real Time: The solution allows users to either create their own visual campaigns, or use free templates. 
  • No Coding Required: Users can quickly and easily create email templates and landing pages with the tool’s code-free editor. 
  • Mobile-First Design: The software is designed to deliver content and communications to mobile devices first — and then scale up to desktop with ease. 

Autopilot Suite Support

Autopilot provides support in three different tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver is free, and provides a basic support package such as live chat support, online training and online training. Gold offers all the benefits of silver, as priority support, journey reviews and group training. With the Platinum package, users get every level of support as well as additional features like a dedicated support contact, 1:1 training, account reviews and more. Users can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support at anytime, though primarily in the English language. This option if available to all support tiers. All plans include unlimited emails.
phonePhone: Users cannot contact phone support at this time.
schoolTraining: There are numerous training options from Autopilot. Users at the standard tier of support can go through online training classes and self-paced e-learning courses. Gold support members get group training, and Platinum support members get on-demand training for their teams.
local_offerTickets: All tiers of support can submit tickets to Autopilot.

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