Benefits and Insights

Why use Adobe Campaign?

Key differentiators & advantages of Adobe Campaign

  • Improve Customer Relations: The product allows you to send segmented, personalized emails that are based on customer interests. Personalizing your marketing efforts can create stronger customer relationships. 
  • Generate a High ROI: Marketing automation tools can aid professionals in a number of tasks. They can create and nurture leads to close without any user intervention. 
  • Write Better Emails: Email marketing is still an effective method of reaching customers, and Adobe Campaign can help you build contextual emails that account for a customer’s needs and wants. 
  • Automate Campaigns  With a set-it-and-forget-it approach, automation products like Adobe Campaign make it simple to build out effective campaigns and then watch them grow. 

Industry Expertise

Adobe was named a leader in cross-channel campaigns by Forrester in 2018. The company is well known among creative and technical professionals alike and serves customers across a broad spectrum of industries. Some major clients of Adobe include, Virgin Holidays, Miami Heat, Harvard Business Review,, British Telecom, Garmin and more.

Key Features

  • Cloud-Based: The platform is delivered in the cloud, meaning you can free up IT resources easily and not have to worry about deployment troubles. 
  • Personalized Email: Clients and customers respond better to personalized marketing. This software allows you to segment and customize your email responses and flows based on user interests. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: A sophisticated analytics suite geared towards email lets you dig into a variety of different metrics to diagnose pain points or capitalize on wins. 
  • AI-Powered Email: Utilizing Adobe’s AI product (Sensei), Adobe Campaign will determine open rates for emails and deliver them at optimized times. 
  • A/B Testing: An essential feature for email marketing campaigns, this feature present in this software. It allows you to segment and test out emails on different audiences. 
  • Multilingual Emails: By using previously gathered intel on a customer, emails can be automatically delivered in a person’s preferred language. 
  • Triggered Emails: Emails can be sent based on a number of triggers, including password reset or confirmation. 

Adobe Campaign Suite Support

Support options from Adobe are robust and included when purchasing a subscription to Adobe Campaign.
mail_outlineEmail: You cannot email support at this time, though email support is available for other Adobe products.
phonePhone: By dialing 1-800-497-0335 (for U.S. and Canada), you can obtain phone support from Adobe.
schoolTraining: Training options from the company vary heavily. There is a large resource library dedicated to Adobe Campaign, where you can read documentation, watch videos and get help from the community. They also have training classes and certifications for the product.
local_offerTickets: By signing in to your Adobe account, you can create and monitor support tickets, download products and patches for the latest versions of Campaign.

Top Competitors & Alternatives

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