Benefits and Insights

Why use ActiveCampaign?

Key differentiators & advantages of ActiveCampaign

  • Take Back Your Time: With a robust suite of features (email automation, contact exportation, automatic campaign driving and more), you can get your time back from these otherwise arduous tasks. 
  • Save Money: ActiveCampaign runs the gamut as far as marketing and sales tools are concerned. The application ships with a full suite of tools and features, meaning you can cover all of your technological bases for less. 
  • Qualify Leads: Automated email delivery, blog scheduling and social media monitoring features can help you turn reluctant or uninformed leads into brand advocates. 
  • Assist Sales: The application is built to nurture leads to close, making your sales team’s job much easier. 
  • Message Targets at Pivotal Stages: You can schedule messages to target leads at crucial stages in their buyer’s journey. The platform offers numerous ways to contact and engage your users. 

Industry Expertise

ActiveCampaign has operated in the marketing automation space since 2003 and continues to innovate. The company boasts a user base of over 100,000 (and growing) small businesses across the country. The industries they serve include beauty, finance, human services, travel and much more.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Content: You can keep content fresh and personalized with dynamic content. It lets you automatically and dynamically change the content of an email, depending on where your lead is in their buyer’s journey. 
  • Email Marketing: The bread and butter of ActiveCampaign, the software’s email marketing suite is robust and fully-featured. It offers broadcasting, triggered and targeted emails, autoresponders, scheduled emails and funnels. Their email builder features a drag-and-drop interface and robust integrations with popular social media and e-commerce platforms. 
  • Segmentation: Email segmentation allows you to target specific groups in your contacts list. You can be more personal in your emails and engage people with the right information. 
  • CRM: The product uses an integrated CRM and mobile app to notify your sales team, update deals and create tasks and nurture leads automatically. The product scores leads to pass off highly qualified targets to sales, as well as integrating with your favorite email provider. 
  • Advanced Reporting: New as of 2019, the product offers custom reporting features, including custom KPIs, sales reporting, tag counting and robust segmentation features. 
  • Fast Training: You can schedule one-on-one appointments with the company’s customer service team to help your team get up-to-speed with training. They also offer a series of robust webinars and user docs. 
  • Migration Services: The company will help you migrate from one marketing automation product to another. Their migration services include contact list importing, tag importation, form recreation, workflow recreation and email template recreation. 

ActiveCampaign Suite Support

There are four levels of support for ActiveCampaign. The Enterprise level provides the most support options and the widest availability. All support tiers will have the option to chat 1:1 with a dedicated support agent, either via web or over the phone. They also get access to managed email delivery.

mail_outlineEmail: Regardless of whether or not you own an account, you can email support by visiting their “contact me” page. The email form allows you to send messages to support, as well as attach screenshots.
phonePhone: Users should contact +1 (800) 357-0402 to receive phone support. Available times are unknown. Only Enterprise users have access to phone support.
schoolTraining: The company offers a helpful series of webinars and user support docs. They also offer one-on-one training with a support specialist. The Plus, Professional and Enterprise support tiers get access to individualized support training.
local_offerTickets: The company doesn’t have any support ticketing options. Instead, users are encouraged to take advantage of their robust support library and email/chat options.

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