Benefits and Insights

Why use Act-On?

Key differentiators & advantages of Act-On

  • Make Sense of Digital Breadcrumbs: Better track and score campaigns with this piece of software. This tool helps marketers attain a high-level overview of their campaigns and enterprises.
  • Inbound Marketing: Act-On provides support for inbound marketing techniques, enabling users to organically and dynamically pull in leads from across channels.
  • Outbound Marketing: Automated campaigns, lead scoring and list management are built into the software to support outbound marketing techniques and conversion tracking.
  • Sales Effectiveness: The software helps to unify sales and marketing teams effectively by providing a sales-funnel overview and campaign attribution, assisting users in scoring their leads.

Industry Expertise

Act-On serves a variety of industries across all fields. Major customers of Act-On include iCharts, IAMServices, VitalWare, the PGA, Progressive, Tower Federal Credit Union and more.

Key Features

  • CRM Integration: Act-On can integrate with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Infor and Simpleview. Using any of these integrated CRMs, marketers can engage segmented contacts through targeted account activity.
  • Account-Based Marketing Automation: Account profiles provide an overview of accounts and buyer behaviors, giving users a clear picture of aggregate customer behavior.
  • Progressive Profiling: Collect information without making customers fill out a large number of forms. Adaptive forms, which present and collect information incrementally over time, help users gain valuable insights without being intrusive.
  • Targeted Email Automation: With easy-to-use templates, code-free interfaces and a diverse template catalog, users have access to a variety of content to push out through automated email campaigns. Act-On also integrates its analytics platform into its email outreach, letting users track open rates and measure success.
  • Report Sharing: The solution’s analytics platform can generate robust and interactive reports for users to easily share with decisionmakers.
  • Data Studio: This program comes equipped with an analytical engine called Data Studio, which can pull data from a variety of sources such as CSV, Excel, Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure.
  • Social Media Engagement: Build brand awareness with automated social posting and metrics aggregation. Act-On’s content curation engine provides insights into content that can generate higher levels of engagement for a user’s business.

Product Limitations

Some of the product limitations include:
  • Act-On does not provide an autosave option for drafts
  • The cloud-based solution does not contain strong landing page builder functionality. The landing pages and emails created within the software cannot be linked to a company's Google Analytics page
  • Act-On offers limited reporting functionality
  • The solution has limited capability in terms of building forms for reviews and does not allow for customization of forms
  • Assembling email templates is a complicated process
Act-On Suite Support
Act-On provides many support options for users, including phone, training and ticket support. Support is divided up into three packages: silver, gold and platinum.
mail_outlineEmail: Act-On does not offer email support for its users.
phonePhone: Users can reach phone support at any time by calling +1 (877) 530-1555. Users of all support packages can receive phone support.
schoolTraining: For training, Act-On offers users self-service modules and e-learning solutions.
local_offerTickets: Users can create an account with Act-On and open a support ticket through the self-service portal.

Typical cost structure for Act-On:

License/Subscription Cost
  • Subscription-based pricing model: per user, per month
  • Cost varies depending on the number of marketing users, sales users and active contacts reached during the period
  • Act-On offers two pricing plans: Professional and Enterprise
Maintenance Cost
  • Standard support cost is included in the subscription fee
  • Provides ongoing support, where users get 24/7 technical assistance from the Act-On Support team, unlimited access to videos, tutorials, courses, Knowledge Base and online community
  • Requires an annual contract to be signed for a minimum of one year
  • Act-On offers Onboarding Support Packages: Standard, Premier and Premier Plus
  • Standard: Already included in the subscription cost. The plan contains unlimited access to University, Community, phone and web technical support during business hours
  • Premier: $5,000 is charged as an annual fee. The plan provides unlimited access to University and Community, 24/5 phone and web technical support and an accelerated response time. Access to a
  • customer success team and collaboration with consultants is also included in this package.
  • Premier Plus: $15,000 is charged as an annual fee. The plan gives unlimited access to University and Community, 24/7 phone and web technical support with accelerated response time,
  • a Premier Technical Support Line and a designated team and customer success manager
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • Cost is over and above the subscription fee
  • Act-On offers implementation services for free to guide users through all of the phases of implementation: Preparation, Analysis, Design, Configuration, Unit Test, CSI (Complete System Integration),
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and Deployment
  • Provides professional services for setting up the system
  • Onboarding packages must be purchased, and are offered under two tiers:
  • Standard plan - $500, a one-time fee
  • Premier - $3,000, a one-time fee
Customization Cost
  • Cost varies depending on the functional requirements added on, such as Account-Based Marketing, Engagement Insights, CRM Integration and Data Studio for Advanced Reporting, and BI integration
  • Provides professional services for integration with third-party applications such as Salesforce, Litmus, SugarCRM, Cisco Webex, MS Dynamics CRM and Vidyard
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • Provides professional services for migrating data and existing content assets from a legacy provider to a new Act-On account
  • Cost varies based on the number of email templates and landing pages to be migrated, the number of images and content assets to be transferred and the magnitude of automated programs and workflows to be transferred
Training Cost
  • Act-On offers more than 40 free courses for users of all skill levels, which are tailored as per user requirements
  • The program also provides certification programs
  • Act-On offers training courses for Account Setup, Brand Marketer, Demand Marketer and Expand Marketer
  • Provides on-site instructor-led training courses, virtual custom workshops and on-site custom and standard workshops, which all cost above and beyond the subscription fee
  • Virtual Custom Workshops cost $1,500 per one-hour course and are tailored for business requirements
  • Two-day On-site Standard Workshops cost $7,500 + travel and expenses per engagement
  • Two-day On-site Custom Workshops cost $10,000 + travel and expenses per engagement
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • Cost is equivalent to the subscription fee, customization cost, premium support cost and training services cost
  • An auto-renewal contract is included in the main contractual agreement and can’t be canceled
  • Users are notified when the contract renewal is coming up, and the contract gets renewed automatically for one year

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