The Best Production Scheduling Software for Manufacturing in 2020

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Finding the perfect manufacturing software is like finding the lost city of Atlantis — you know it exists, but you’re just not sure how to go about searching for it. Plus, there are so many types of manufacturing ERP solutions to choose from that you don’t know where to start. We understand. To narrow down your search by a few pegs, have you ever considered investing in a production scheduling software?

Production scheduling software is somewhat similar to production planning software but on a more detailed scale, working to keep you on top of resources to effectively meet your production requirements. Please give a round of applause to our efficient research team for compiling an elaborate roster of the best production scheduling software. Let’s discuss the key traits of these solutions as well as their key benefits and modules before plunging into this list.

Compare Top Manufacturing ERP Software Leaders

Top Production Scheduling Software

What is Production Scheduling Software?

When it comes to ensuring materials, machinery, employees and other resources are properly allocated, production scheduling software and production planning software are similar. But there are some distinct differences that separate the two. These differences include:

Production Scheduling Vs Production Planning


There are several perks that come with owning a production scheduling system. These production and manufacturing erp scheduling software benefits include:

  • Varying Degrees of Scheduling: Not only is this software good for general production scheduling, but it also specifies scheduling such as work orders, collaborations and digital kanban pulls.
  • Increased Visibility: You obtain more information about your production line and shop floor with the appropriate production scheduling ERP. It can also inform you of obstacles.
  • Lean Manufacturing: It’s feasible for the right production scheduling solution to offer efficient manufacturing for a rapid turnaround time because the ideal quantity of employees, machinery and tools are being utilized.
  • Upkeeps Resource Allocation: Sometimes it’s a head-scratcher to determine which resources are needed to perform a specific job. Software can notify you with an accurate roster of the necessary materials needed to complete a job.

Compare Top Manufacturing ERP Software Leaders

Common Features

There is a wide array of production scheduling software with an assortment of various modules and accessories. Nevertheless, there are some common features found within this type of platform. Although a feature is deemed common by the majority, it does not mean it’s particularly right for your facility. According to reviews, typical features include:

  • Production Scheduling: This feature is a given. You need a software that can effectively and swiftly schedule each component of your shop floor to complete your work orders.
  • Inventory Management: Staying on top of your available materials and finished merchandise is a must. An exemplar inventory management idiosyncrasy helps you maintain your goods so you know when it’s time to replenish them.
  • Capacity Planning and Scheduling: In short, capacity planning compares your team’s available duration to the duration needed to complete an assignment. This appliance can help you determine whether or not over-time is needed to complete tasks as well as how much time is required.
  • What-If Analytics: A paradigm what-if analytics attribute allows you to make and study the proper production estimates for your facility.

Are you in need of more manufacturing features in order to finalize your software wishlist? Check out our in-depth features article and intricate requirements template.

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Best Production Scheduling Software

Now that you’ve taken time to prepare and perfect your wishlist, it’s time to review our intricate compilation of the best production scheduling software.


IQMS’ Manufacturing Scheduling and Production Planning module is a production scheduling ERP that updates in real time from events that transpire across your supply chains and within your manufacturing and separate ERP systems. Its deployability includes on-premise and the cloud.

IQMS Manufacturing Scheduling

An example of IQMS.

Forecasting and Production Planning

The forecasting and production planning accessory enables you to make better business decisions by offering a snapshot of current and projected orders along with their past, present and future effects on annual sales. This module advocates multiple estimations including support production forecasts, what-if analysis and sales analysis forecasts. It’s feasible for you to evaluate which materials and resources are necessary for assignments in addition to where and when to meet customer and production requirements. You may also modify the forecast in accordance with orders delivered electronically via electronic data interchange (EDI) or the internet.

Production Scheduling

Establish every resource and expense needed to fulfill your manufacturing demands such as forecasts, sales orders dependents, current work orders, estimated on-hand balances and transforming data into cohesive production plans with this production scheduling trait. You are able to recognize resource availability and arising conflicts to guarantee production conforms to delivery deadlines. This accessory is equipped with color-coding highlighting for changes to work order demand, quantity or time and permits you to review supply, demand, availability and the running balance of an item on the basis of the current sales order, forecast or dependent demand.

Supplementary Idiosyncrasies

In spite of IQMS Manufacturing and Production Planning only containing a few of the popular common features, there are additional attributes worth mentioning that can meet your production scheduling needs. These features are:

  • Material Requirements and Resource Planning (MRP): Gauge material availability in accordance with the required manufacturing date considering current demand and material lead times.
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling: Indicate plant capacity and formulate a thorough production schedule from an organization level and even down to the specific manufacturing work cell to meet delivery goals.
  • Available to Promise or Capable to Promise (ATP/CTP): Study operating hours, production and manufacturing time requirements, machine availability, labor capacity, tooling readiness and required materials.
Price: N/A

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Plex MES

A manufacturing scheduling software dedicated to the aerospace, food and beverage, automotive, high tech and electronics, industrial manufacturing, plastic and rubber and precision metal forming industries, Plex MES allows you to take control of your shop floor with complete visibility throughout your production lifecycle and ERP connectivity.

Plex Manufacturing Execution System

An example of Plex’s production scheduling tool.

Production Scheduling

Plan every stage of the MRP process with the production scheduling attribute. This appliance allows you to estimate purchased and manufactured materials based on period and computed requirements, customer sales revenue and manufacturing quantity. You may cipher requirements for purchased and manufactured materials based on planned production, maintenance and scheduled downtime and effortlessly transform requirements into purchase order releases for suppliers. This appliance establishes MRP refresh schedules for a near real-time production plan without waiting until the end of the day or workweek.

Finite Scheduling and Capacity Constraints Management

The finite scheduling and capacity constraints management tool enables you to adjust rules, finite capacity and available resources such as employee skills, tools and space. It’s possible for you to sequence operations in accordance with the attributes necessary to maximize production runs, relieving critical expense and time conflicts. Varying schedule options provide level-load production across work centers. You are able to research what-if scheduling situations offline to consider additional planning and details and polish the planning engine’s recommendations.

Inventory Traceability

Each transaction and shop floor operation executed is chronicled as a transaction in Plex MES thanks to the inventory traceability appliance. You’ll always know who was on the floor at any given time and what operations they were performing and amongst other key details. You may also archive inventory maneuverings and performances together with storing crucial documentation linked to procedures for auditing purposes.

Supplementary Idiosyncrasies

Although Plex MES has most of the production scheduling ERP features, there are some extra attributes that can streamline your procedures. These appliances include:

  • Lot Management: Upkeep upstream and downstream genealogy such as inventory information and lot-specific information including best by, use by and sell by dates with this function.
  • Barcode Printing and Scanning: This tool has a fully-integrated barcode printing and reading ability for inventory, time and attendance, gage control and more.
  • Shipping and Receiving: The color-coded shipping interface on this feature offers you an inside glance of fulfillment releases, available inventory and completeness of shipment preparation.
  • Sequenced Parts Delivery: Plex MES offers inventory packing and truck loading of products in the accurate line sequences with this tool.
  • Production Management: This appliance enables operators to review jobs, setups and quality checksheets in one place.
  • Plant and Equipment Maintenance: Record every event that takes place at each work center such as production, setup, maintenance and downtime with this tool.
  • Tooling Management: Establish and conduct tooling control plans by harmonizing the tool drawing extensions with your tool manufacturing procedures.
  • Quality Management: Construct process control plans with elaborate inspection instructions and checksheets that are directly tied to product specifications with this attribute.
Price: N/A

Company Size Suitability: N/A


TrakSYS is an on-premise and cloud-deployable solution that caters to the mid-sized and large organizations. The industries it serves include automotive, chemicals, food and beverage, life sciences and packaged goods.

TrakSYS Reporting Module

A preview of TrackSYS’ reporting module.

Inventory Management

The inventory management accessory allows you to obtain complete transparency of your entire supply chain with raw material testing analysis and analysis certificates, production and quality performance by material, supplier or lot and restocking alerts. This appliance offers stock locations, statuses and interruptions in material flow and permits tracking items by suppliers, lot codes, process routes, employee touches, dates and times, quality test results, process parameters and more.


Specify product quantities, schedules, asset assignments and more with the production appliance. It’s feasible for you to express schedule revisions and priorities to the line and management level and obtain real-time clarity of a job’s progress or schedule attainments.
You are able to obtain visibility into production operations such as the status of jobs, schedule attainments and resource performances. The audit extension provides you with a configurable method to trace files and system revisions for audit purposes.

Supplementary Idiosyncrasies

Since TrakSYS only has a minimal amount of production scheduling features, here are a few more mentionable appliances that can assist you in enhancing your productivity.

  • Quality Management: Set and govern quality control plans that relate to the products, production steps, materials, labor and assets involved.
  • Maintenance Management: Effectively communicate work requests and prioritization to the maintenance department as well as maintain records of work completed, labor implemented and material expenses with this asset.
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Infor Production Scheduling

A team-oriented solution that replies to common production scheduling challenges faced by process manufacturers, Infor Production Scheduling has a cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment that aids manufacturers in administering constraint-based scheduling to proficiently allocate resources.

Infor Production Scheduling

An example of Infor’s solution.

Production Scheduling

The production scheduling tool allows you to manage recipes, by-products, co-products and yield losses. It’s possible for you to superintend fermentation and maturation constraints, varying flow rates, storage restrictions, product-dependent filtration and filling constraints, buoyant impasses and more. This tool handles batch-process manufacturing considerations such as shelf life, overlapping operations and clean-in-place (CIP) to guarantee that users satisfy customer requests.

Supplementary Idiosyncrasies

Since Infor Production Scheduling lacks most of the typical production scheduling attributes, there are some additional elements worth mentioning that can enhance operations. These accessories include:

  • Performance Measurement: Receive a summary of real-time shop floor performances with color-coded order violations on a single screen thanks to this asset.
  • Optimization: This tool offers prompt optimization techniques and an instinctive modifiable graphic planning board that you can adjust on short notice when unexpected demands arise.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Share useful production data with internal colleagues, suppliers and clients with this appliance.
Price: N/A

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Katana MRP

Katana MRP is a cloud-based production scheduling solution that exclusively serves small businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Katana MRP Inventory Management Accessory

An example of Katana MRP’s inventory management accessory.

Production Planning and Scheduling

The production planning and scheduling feature enables you to supervise production tasks and schedules at varying levels of detail. You are able to trace production from manufacturing orders or production operations with a status that helps you watch and administer production activities that can also trigger relevant inventory movements. These statuses are customizable. It’s possible for you to track the availability of the necessary ingredients for particular manufacturing jobs and pinpoint delay risks related to material supply lead times.

Inventory Management

Receive real-time inventory control and maximization of finished goods and raw substances with the inventory management idiosyncrasy. Manage on-hand, committed and anticipated merchandise amounts in real time and conduct reorder points to upkeep satisfactory inventory quantities. This module also enables you to manage all of your raw supplies throughout all your warehouses.

Supplementary Idiosyncrasies

In spite of Katana MRP only consisting of a few common features, there are some supplementary attributes worth mentioning to keep your production on smooth sailing.

  • Sales Order Management: Trace the availability of required products and exercise drag-and-drop capabilities with patron orders.
  • Purchase Management: On-time purchasing in accordance with material requirements, tracking purchases with missing raw materials from suppliers and pinpointing delaying hazards in your supply chain are all included in this accessory.
  • Costing: This component traces manufacturing costs on the basis of BOMs and production procedures, helping you make better pricing choices with actual product margins.
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Grand Finale

Choosing the best production scheduling software is like choosing the right dog from an animal shelter — they all have special qualities that can enhance your organization and it’s challenging to pick just one. However, it’s important to pick a solution that best aligns with your business and objectives. Are you in need of more manufacturing applications and features to help make a better decision? Review our sophisticated comparison guide for more options.

Which production / manufacturing scheduling software is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments!

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