Benefits and Insights

Why use Treatstock?

Key differentiators & advantages of Treatstock

  • Variety of Materials: Treatstock has a varying list of materials to use in 3D printing such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass and machinable wax among others.  
  • Diverse 3D Printer Catalog: Treatstock enables users to pick and choose from a catalog of 3D printers. Brands include LeapFrog, MakerBot Replicator, Solidoodle and more. 
  • Extensive Guides: Clients can review elaborate guides on manufacturing procedures such as subtractive and additive manufacturing, injection molding, CNC routing, metalworking and more. 
  • Diverse Services: Treatstock offers several services such as manufacturing, 3D designing, printing and scanning, painting, manufacturing electronics, laser cutting, CNC machining and injection modeling. Other services include computer repair, CAD design, vacuum forming, laser engraving, UK expedited delivery and program android apps.  

Industry Expertise

Treatstock launched in 2016 as a means to introduce the perks of advanced manufacturing such as 3D printing and modeling. As the company grew, it began contributing distinct enterprise products to small and midsize businesses. Treatstock's mission is to simplify the search for useful products and manufacturing services, assisting agriculture, medical, security and defense, rubber, apparel and other industries.

Key Features

  • Review Products: Treatstock offers a hub of products such as solvent cleaners, vases, spool holders, sweatshirts, compasses, safety cones and glasses and more. Users can place orders as if they were ordering off Amazon or other online retailers.  
  • Locate Orders with Quotes:  If users need to find orders quickly, they can input the quote number that was associated with the order.  
  • Create Estimates for Clients: Manufacturers can create quotes for customers who have a Treatstock account. If clients don't have a Treatstock account, manufacturers can use email addresses to generate pre-orders. 
  • Manufacturing Apps: Treatstock has a complete list of manufacturing apps users can use on their Apple and Android devices such as 3Dnatives, Fast STL Viewer, ViewSTL, Tinkercad and more. 

Treatstock Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Clients may send an email to [email protected]
phonePhone: There is no phone support at this time.
schoolTraining: Clients may utilize the Help Center hub. It offers self-service, a knowledge base and FAQs.
local_offerTickets: Clients may use the help ticket on the "Contact Us" page.