Benefits and Insights

Why use Simio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Simio

  • Easy Learning Curve: Leverage Simio's tools to create models whether users are experienced or not. 
  • Single Model: Work with one model no matter if it's large or intricate rather than working with individual parts. 
  • Realistic Models: Make models realistic and test them in various atmospheres and scenarios. 
  • Interactive Workpieces: Create "intelligent" workpieces that communicate with each other, enabling detached yet continuous systems. 

Industry Expertise

Simio, stemming from the phrase "simulation modeling framework based on intelligent objects," was founded by C. Dennis Pegden in 2007 to offer the best suite for model simulation and production. Its partners include 28 countries around the world and more than 800 universities. Its top industries include business processes, airport and airlines, federal government and department of defense, maritime and ports, transportation and logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation: Integrate data from enterprise relationship solutions, customer relationship systems and other databanks to produce effective simulation models that obtain through results due to this capability. 
  • Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation: Work with a library of stationary workpieces and tools in addition to stimulating workflows and integrating custom models that represent shop floor resources via this attribute. 
  • Continuous Simulation and Modeling: Integrate real-time and previous data from process workflows, supply chains and material flow to understand shop floor procedures with this tool's data analytics tool. 
  • 3D Object-Based Modeling: Craft graphic models step by step and swiftly make objects via the 3D object-based modeling apparatus. 
  • Numerous Modeling: Manage multiple standard and "intelligent" objects that can interact with each other with various modeling functionalities. 
  • Optimal Scheduling: Initiate models to perform risk-based ideal scheduling via this feature 


Simio comes with plenty of benefits and capabilities, but there are a few limitations. At the time of this review’s publication, these are the limitations of the solution based on user feedback:

  •  The system is a bit challenging to master at first 
  •  Occasionally slow in loading simulations 

Simio Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For email support, users may send an email to [email protected]
phonePhone: Users may dial 877-297-4646 for phone support
schoolTraining: Simio offers users plenty of training classes such as on-site, virtual, university and general. There are also helpful how-to videos, a blog and community forums
local_offerTickets: Ticket support is not available at this time