Benefits and Insights

Why use S2K Manufacturing Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of S2K Manufacturing Management

  • Accessibility: S2K Manufacturing Management Software is available for deployment both on-premise and as a cloud-based solution. It’s also accessible through tablets and mobile devices. 
  • Order Optimization: This program includes real-time visualization of capacity, production progress and material use to optimize order fulfillment. It also contains advanced demand planning tools that use actual and historical data to project how much of a material you will need in your production facility so that spoilage can be reduced. 
  • Labor Allocation: A shop floor control module is included in S2K manufacturing software that enables users to visualize and manage factors such as labor and material usage. The tool also contains the ability to look at employee productivity. 
  • Increased Productivity: This program includes functionality that allows users to discover bottlenecks in the production system. Through the visualization of these bottlenecks, more efficient strategies can be developed, and slowdowns can be alleviated. 
  • Quality Assurance: S2K manufacturing software includes a product quality module that lets you use industry requirements to determine and confirm product quality. If an item doesn’t meet the necessary standards, the program can reroute the item so that it goes back to an earlier manufacturing stage for correction, or it can trash the product if it’s not fixable or usable. 

Industry Expertise

S2K Manufacturing Management Software is primarily used by companies in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail industries to streamline production operations. However, it is a suitable option for businesses of various sizes that have a heavy manufacturing element involved in daily workflows. For example, companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automotive and electronics leverage this solution.

Key Features

  • Capacity Requirement Planning: S2K manufacturing software allows users to look at actual and projected capacity requirements based on planned, soft and firm demand. Situations where capacity is short or long can be discovered in addition to analyzing department and machine capacities. This tool also includes the ability to find bottlenecks in the system and to look at the specific orders that entail demand. 
  • Manufacturing Work Orders: This program includes the ability to manage multiple customizable BOMs for one completed product. With the manufacturing work order tool, planned orders, made to order (MTO) and orders to stock can be managed from a single screen. 
  • Material Requirement Planning: The material requirement planning tool of S2K manufacturing software uses current and historical material and distribution needs to effectively plan demand. The program uses a time-phased analysis of purchase orders, sales orders, inventory levels and sales forecasts to determine how much material a business needs and when it should be purchased. It also contains the ability to manage important due dates. 
  • Finite Scheduling: With this tool, users can develop a finite capacity schedule using the planned capacity in the shop calendar. Planned capacity is organized by machine, department and work center. A schedule of orders can also be created through the finite scheduler, which uses a finite forward method. 
  • Product Quality: S2K manufacturing software allows users to create and track product tests to meet industry quality requirements. It contains the ability to determine which products need to undergo quality control tests and to ensure that the item isn’t used in manufacturing processes or sold before the check is conducted. If a product fails a test, production of the item can be rerouted so that issues can be fixed or the item can be scrapped. 
  • Shop Floor Control: This feature updates information on factors such as material usage, production progress and available capacity in real time. Users can access this feature on both tablets and mobile devices. The program also includes the ability to clock in and out of routing operations using handheld scanning devices. 

S2K Manufacturing Management Software Suite Support

S2K manufacturing software allows users to contact support representatives through online chat and phone. It also offers various training options for users with different needs.
mail_outlineEmail: Online chat support with a VAI Representative is available for S2K Manufacturing Software customers.
phonePhone: Users can contact the Help Desk at 888-824-4435 for assistance.
schoolTraining: S2K manufacturing software offers a few different training options. Onsite training, classroom training and real-time online training are some of the available methods.