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  • Add Components Off the Shelf (COTS): ProShop offers a COTS accessory that links to work orders so users can add COTS items to BOMs such as fasteners, fluids, materials, consumables and other hardware. The COTS accessory monitors arriving orders and outgoing execution of items such as safety stock, batch dimensions, inventory amounts and worth. Users can track every COTS item handled so certifications promptly run into document bundles when jobs are delivered, eliminating extra work from the purchasing and manufacturing teams. 
  • Intuitive Dashboards: Users may work with more than 25 individual dashboards that display KPIs and data on customer service, planning, shipping, inspection, receiving, finance and more. These dashboards are also adjustable to meet the specific needs of each user.  
  • Effective Time Clock: ProShop is equipped with a time clock that monitors user time punches. The swift interface enables users to clock in and out using any device when they input a password. This tool stores a history of clock punches and permits managers to evaluate, edit, authorize missed or forgotten time punches to the appropriate timestamp. Users can export time clock data to accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage or third-party payroll processors. 
  • Supervise Every Employee: Users can monitor every employee who utilizes ProShop as well as offering HR and management departments a place to chronicle essential employee information such as benefit summaries, contact information and more. Managers with approved authorization can pinpoint direct links to every clock punch and time tracking, effectiveness, training records, positions held, quality performance and more. Employees are also able to review their assigned organizational chart and the training that they are lacking.  
  • Transform Quotes into Purchase Orders: Users can transform quotes into purchase orders with a single click. Purchase orders come with elaborately detailed information on prices, delivery dates, work order numbers, First Article Inspection (FAI) requirements and more. Users can also produce purchase orders by inputting part numbers, costs, distribution dates, credit terms, delivery locations, primary contact, shipping, quality requirements and more for every line item. The orders are ISO 9000 and AS9100D-friendly because of the compliant contract review extension, enabling instantaneous verification without printing out documents.  
  • Fluid Messaging: The messaging module facilitates company dispatching to replace emails. This attribute is thread based and permits conversations among groups of users with links to relevant ProShop pages. Automatic messages such as when non-conformance reports (NCRs) are generated, when time tracking exceeds a target with a determined percentage, when shop machinery is in need of calibration or maintenance, when documents are prepared for assessment and approval, and more can be issued. Users may seek specific communications because the messaging appliance is connected to their business' database, ensuring that all messages are archived and easy to locate.  
  • Upkeep Contacts: Govern vital information of patrons, suppliers and other out-of-company contacts with the contacts element. Emails, phone numbers, annotations, quality requirements, shipping addresses, credit terms, receiving hours and other valuable information can be stored in this accessory. It even has quick links to work orders, purchase orders, on-time distribution, customer satisfaction surveys, historic profit numbers and more. Users may access workmanship standards, cosmetic requirements or other company documents cited by their organization. When handling vendors, it's feasible for users to supervise processes, lot charges, audit results, hours, delivery transit times, employee contacts and more.  
  • Two Choices for Making Quotes: The quote tool allows users to make quotes in two methods. First, they can be made with a separate line item for non-repeatable expenses in the form of an NRE or dividing the NRE prices into the unit price of every amount users are quoting. Executing a shopping cart to combine several estimates to make numerous part numbers is possible. Linked notes or terms associated with each estimate can merge in the notes section of a quote while unique notes or terms are recognized by their particular part number. Quotes can be saved as a PDF file that can be sent to clients.  

Industry Expertise

The founders of Adion Systems have worked on ProShop for 17 years. They launched their first product, Pro CNC in 1993 and received great success. In 2014, they sold Pro CNC and launched ProShop ERP with the intention to streamline machine shop operations such as scheduling, quality management, equipment calibration and more. It's scalable and comprehensive.

Key Features

  • Estimates:  Users may execute the estimates attribute to craft thorough price and time estimates for workpieces or procedures either free form or through the Rapid Estimate Template function. It's possible for users to draft any type of operation for any part they are forecasting such as labor time for arrangement and cycle time, extra costs for materials, BOM objects and off-facility operations. This accessory enables users to specify lead times, highlight totals or percentages and attached intricate notes about activity, procedures and more. Users may tailor direct labor rates for each job and alter overhead costs, profit margins, assignments and more in addition to generating quotes for clients in emails when the estimate is finalized in just one click.  
  • Job Costing: ProShop's job costing appliance automatically tracks and informs users how much money is spent on a particular work order along with how much progress was made. As a task progresses, additional expenses are promptly added so users receive a transparent view of a task's health and development from a time and budget standpoint, permitting users to rectify mistakes or make modifications. After sending work orders, users receive finalized expense data that instantly populates dashboards. Users also obtain links to analyze the entire costing history of all part numbers and work orders associated with that part number such as elaborate information on dollars spent and time spent.  
  • Parts: The parts feature stores work instructions, condition templates, site routes and more for particular parts and workpieces. Work instructions contain top-notch visuals like photos and videos along with text to assist workers in reaching installation and run quotas to diminish limited shop floor knowledge. This module offers the most up-to-date versions of all work instructions and stores historic work instructions in the parts archive tool.  
  • Purchasing: Users can allocate purchase orders (POs) to their suppliers from the purchasing dashboard in the purchasing appliance. The dashboard exhibits live purchasing requirements for active work orders based on priority date and merchandise type. This tool showcases all outstanding POs, late orders and limited orders. POs are produced with a shopping cart accessory that accumulates purchasing requirements of active work orders and appointed to suppliers for ordering. Each cert for purchased goods is scanned and fastened to each line item, establishing hassle-free recovery of certs mentioned in the work order appliance.   
  • Work Orders: The work order trait has thorough documentation for current and past jobs with only a few clicks. Users can review real-time statuses of every job that occurs at their facility in addition to linking relevant information to that job such as labor hours, out-of-pocket expenses, the quantity of parts completed at a particular manufacturing phase and the exact location of out-of-plant parts and when they'll return. This module offers links to part work instructions and digital consents for each step in the production process while informing users of the exact date, time and user who gave their stamp of approval on any step. This accessory can link instantly to reports such as first article inspection (FAI), in-process quality control (IPQC), delivery records, raw material certs, and BOM items, while also linking to time tracking for all direct labor executed, total historical profit and loss intel and more.  
  • Scheduling: Stay on top of the remaining hours in an assignment and ensure jobs are completed in accordance with shift schedules by using the schedule accessory. Users receive alerts if they'll be on time with jobs as well as predictions of whether or not users will meet their deadlines for future jobs based on planned hours and available employees. It is also equipped with boosted analytics that can cipher dates to determine when work orders need to leave to get to clients or out-of-plant worksites as well as when they are expected to return to the primary facility. 
  • Inventory: ProShop's inventory feature consists of built-in parts and COTS functions, enabling users to review how much inventory is available at their enterprises, its value and precise location. Users may swiftly identify the exact work order associated with a specific part number or assembly and even pull up the history of any job shipped from inventory and where materials came from. This feature includes total expenses. 
  • Reporting: The reporting attribute automatically generates multi-tiered reports and dashboards in real time so users are never left in the dark. Queries are saved for individual or organizational use and showcase robust data tables for adjustments, arranging, filtering and transporting.  


ProShop comes with plenty of benefits and capabilities, but there are a few limitations. At the time of this review’s publication, these are the limitations of the solution based on user feedback:
  •  Some users find that it has a tough learning curve  
  •  Challenging to track machines or labor for unmanned jobs 

ProShop Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users may email for support
phonePhone: User may dial (360)515-7576 for phone support.
schoolTraining: ProShop offers a plethora of training materials under the "Resources" tab including helpful tutorial and webinar videos, downloadable whitepapers, the Making Chips podcast, informative blog posts and more.
local_offerTickets: Users may fill out the "Send Us A Message" contact form on the "Contact Us" page for ticket support.

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