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Why use Plex Systems?

Key differentiators & advantages of Plex Systems

  • Increased Efficiency: Plex Manufacturing Cloud uses real-time data and set parameters to maximize production capabilities. Its Advanced Planning and Scheduling tool uses information such as inventory levels, amount of production floor space and maximum productivity levels to generate a best-fit manufacturing schedule. 
  • Accessibility: As a cloud-based manufacturing software, Plex is available anytime and anywhere as long as a user has internet access. This is especially beneficial in the manufacturing center considering manufacturing managers and production line employees can access real-time data from internet-enabled devices while they’re actually on the floor working. 
  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers are the backbone of your business, and Plex software capitalizes on this fact through its customer portal, which provides visualization as a product moves throughout the supply chain. Shipping notifications are also included so that clients have an accurate expectation as to when an item should be delivered. 
  • Heightened Visibility: With increased visibility, you can develop insights more quickly. Plex Manufacturing Cloud contains the ability to use customizable dashboards to reflect minute-by-minute information such as inventory levels and labor allocation, which enables you to make informed decisions based on current processes. 
  • Collaboration: Plex allows for collaboration with clients through the customer portal. It also contains internal collaboration tools that are emphasized through its multi-site functionality for supply chain and financial processes. 

Industry Expertise

Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a fairly comprehensive solution, but it does contain features that are especially beneficial to businesses in the aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, high tech and electronics, industrial manufacturing, and precision metalforming sectors. For example, aerospace companies can benefit from the program’s compliance with the new AS9100 D standard. This system also has advanced traceability and quality management features that are helpful to companies operating in highly regulated industries such as the ones mentioned above.

More than 615 businesses currently use Plex Manufacturing Cloud for their operational needs. These companies are located in 22 countries and operate more than 2,000 production facilities.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management: Plex Manufacturing Cloud allows you to track the quantity and location of your inventory, whether you want to look at raw materials, WIP or finished goods. It also supports barcode scanning and label printing in an effort to improve the accuracy of reported inventory levels. Controls are also in place to ensure that products are always developed using the right materials, therefore improving inventory viability. 
  • PLM Functionality: Built-in revision control workflows allow for approved changes to be reflected across the entirety of the product lifecycle. Product specifications can also be developed to expedite processes. 
  • Quality Management: Plex software helps to ensure that you are retaining compliance with standards such as ISO, TS and QS. You can also use supplier scorecards to look at your entire supply chain. For example, your suppliers can use checksheets to validate the quality of their materials before the goods reach your facility, therefore hastening the quality analysis process on your end. 
  • Management of Shipments: The shipping management system ensures that only products that meet acceptable quality specifications are sent to customers and that they are sent to the intended recipient. Plex software's manufacturing system also contains a labeling feature that automatically prints labels using customer information in order to avoid shipping errors. ASNs are automatically sent and formatted as products leave the production facility. 
  • Real-Time Financial Management: Plex software contains continuously updated information on components such as labor hour utilization and point-in-time inventory. The financial management system is designed for order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes and includes multi-site functionality. Financial reports are also easily accessible with this tool. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: This program includes a customer portal that provides visibility of a product as it moves throughout the supply chain and allows for enhanced collaboration ability. Important components such as quotes, estimates, issue resolution and order management are built into the tool along with an integrated EDI. 
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling: The Plex Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution allows you to account for constraints in your workplace such as amount of resources and maximum production capacity to develop optimized production runs. Finite Scheduling includes the ability to plan your development schedule based on factors such as resources, tools and space. The program also allows you to level-load production across different manufacturing centers. 

Plex Manufacturing Cloud Suite Support

Plex Manufacturing Cloud offers three different support options — Silver Care, Gold Care and Platinum Care. Silver Care is included in every Plex module, and the Gold and Platinum options are available for an additional cost and contain more features.

mail_outlineEmail: Every support package includes 24/7 online case access. Gold and Platinum Care members receive quicker response times and have more authorized contacts that can request assistance.
phonePhone: Phone support lines are available during normal business hours. All customers can partake in live case submission via phone.
schoolTraining: All customers have access to the Plex Community, where they can ask and answer questions about the program. Gold Care members receive four Plex Mentoring Sessions a month, whereas Platinum Care holders get eight Plex Mentoring Sessions every month. An additional benefit for Platinum Care members is that a technical account manager is assigned to provide product assistance.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit cases online at any time. Phone ticket entry is also available. Platinum members have a dedicated support manager who can help with technical issues and questions. Response time is also faster for those who have the Gold or Platinum Care plans.

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