Benefits and Insights

Why use MRPEasy?

Key differentiators & advantages of MRPEasy

  • Up-To-Date Accounting: Immediate monitoring of cash flow, balance sheets and profits/losses make for potent accounting. 
  • Purchase with Ease: Purchases and pre-filled purchase orders are manageable with a single click. Vendors, prices and lead times are located in one place.  
  • Precision Deliveries: Accurately predict cost and lead times, so items ship promptly to customers.  
  • Avoid Stockouts: Serial number and batch tracking make maintaining a clear history of stock operations smooth and painless.  

Industry Expertise

MRPEasy provides its services in Dallas, Texas and Tallinn, Estonia. Its industries include food and agriculture, aerospace and defense, chemical, health and beauty, lighting, and medical cannabis.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Manufacturing: This software features one dashboard to keep track of stock, procurement, production planning, CRM, and product plans. This feature includes BOM and routing that calculates manufacturing cost and time with ease. 
  • Simple Inventory Tracking: This feature allows users to see which items are available in stock, which are booked, how much safety stock is available and which items are expected to arrive in the future. Users can stock items associated with part number, description, unit of measurement, selling price and storage location. 
  • Accurate Production Planning: MRPEasy gives color-coded warnings that indicate when materials, operations or work orders are late and takes necessary steps in response. Users can also create manufacturing orders in three ways: sales in CRM, through a production manager during production planning or semi-automatically when a critical stock level is met. 
  • Precise Schedule Execution: Users can use one dashboard to monitor late COs, MOs, and POs, minimum stock, sales performance and more. With routing and current works managed in one place, this feature automatically checks the availability of workstations and performs necessary scheduling tasks. 
  • BOM Analytics: This feature keeps a history of different versions and revisions of BOMs that evolve with the Version Control System. Users can also publish a new version of the BOM that’s accessible to co-workers right away if they are permitted to do so. 
  • MES for Small Manufacturers: Shop floor workers can track their personal schedules in real-time with the “My Production Plan” tool. This feature contains a visual calendar and access to work order details (i.e., attached files, lists of parts and stock locations). Workers can either use the “My Production Plan” section on a computer or the simplified “Internet Kiosk” view on any Apple or Android device.  

MRPEasy Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For online assistance, complete the form on MRPEasy’s “Contact Us” page.
schoolTraining: For MRPEasy’s implementation guidelines, tutorials, user manual readings and how-to videos, click on MRPEasy’s “Resources” tab at the top of MRPEasy’s website.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket through MRPEasy’s Support Ticket System, go to “Settings” and click “Support.” To submit a ticket online, click MRPEasy’s “Contact Us” tab and fill out the form.