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Benefits and Insights

Why use BT Managed security services?

Key differentiators & advantages of BT Managed security services

  • Cut your exposure to risk Scanning web traffic in real time, blocking viruses, spyware and other malware before it reaches your network 
  • Protect your reputation Block access to websites that contain inappropriate content in line with your usage policy 
  • Stay in control You define all your access rules and permissions, for corporate and remote users and changes take effect worldwide, immediately. 
  • Stay flexible The cloud-based web gateway provides, flexible pricing options, and has the advantage of no hardware, software or maintenance costs. This service helps ensure consistent protection and policy for all users, both inside and outside the network—including mobile users and devices. 
  • BT has a single platform for detection and mitigation. This means we can automatically detect rogue traffic, with no human involvement and take action very quickly to protect our customer’s network. 
  • By using a cloud-based solution, the DDoS attack is mitigated before it hits the customer’s network and, in some cases, even before it enters the network. This means limited or no impact on the customer’s business and no compromised performance. 
  • Assure DDOS mitigation is designed as a modular, subscription service, so different levels of protection can be added as required with no capital expenditure. 
  • Protection against new and dynamic threats: BT works with best-in-class vendors Check Point, Cisco and Juniper to protect your business. 
  • Experts on hand: reduce the need to recruit and retain specialist IT staff. BT’s security specialists have expertise in the latest technologies and provide 24x7x365 cover. 
  • Big or small: our highly scalable service can meet the needs of all sizes of organisation – from those using simple Internet links, through to large-scale WAN infrastructures. 
  • Improved productivity: reduce downtime and prevent unproductive applications from running on your network, such as peer-to-peer. 
  • Proactive monitoring: we provide a centralised monitoring of your firewall estate giving you the information you need to respond proactively. 
  • You keep ownership of your security policy: you remain in control of your security policy, with BT helping you to define it, and ensure it is expertly implemented and maintained. 
  • Reduce costs linked to datacentre space: BT has options for your service to be hosted in one of its data centres, reducing the need for rack space and power. You can also avoid Internet-bound traffic needing to hub through one of your sites. 
  • Professional Services: providing technical consultants on an “as needed” basis, thus complementing your organisation’s in-house skills and providing analysis and design expertise which will optimise the performance of your solution.