Benefits and Insights

Why use Toronto Managed Print Services?

Key differentiators & advantages of Toronto Managed Print Services

Here's what you can expect to see when moving from an unmanaged to a Managed Print environment:

  • What it Costs
    In a Managed Print environment, all costs of printing are detailed on a single invoice that can be broken down by printer or cost center. All costs are visible and become transparent to the organization.

  • The Right Tools for the Job
    In a Managed Print environment you'll know exactly how many printers there are and how many pages are printed on each device. You'll also if the printer's capabilities match the page volume and needs of the user.

  • Less is More
    Over time, in a Managed Print environment, concentrated purchasing practices result in standardized makes/models across the printer fleet and usually few print devices. Vendors consolidate as well, most often to a single preferred support and service provider.

  • Seeing the Big Picture
    As the overall print environment is managed as one, all print-related decisions consider the needs of the entire organization, resulting in significantly less duplication, and better utilization of existing print devices.

  • Fewer Cooks in the Kitchen
    Reducing the need for multiple employee involvement to support and management of the print environment, eliminates supplies ordering tasks, help-desk calls for printer support and reduce the number of invoices processed each month. Employees are now able to focus their energy on core job functions, making them more productive.