Benefits and Insights

Why use Intigua?

Key differentiators & advantages of Intigua

  • Enables scalability and agility by virtualizing existing management applications — eliminating the need to physically install agents on the target OS of all servers, and reducing the time and effort required to provision and update management software across large-scale infrastructures.

  • Enhances reliability and lowers deployment risk by encapsulating management software in self-contained virtual containers – similar to VMDKs — that run completely isolated from underlying OSs.- Scalability is also achieved by tightly integrating with hypervisor management platforms such as VMware vCenter.

  • IT organizations can configure centralized policies to govern the amount of VM resources consumed by management software, ensuring quality of service for production applications. Auto remediation policies can also automatically re-start agent processes (and related OS processes such as WMI) in case of failure.

  • IT organizations can now continuously monitor and control all of their heterogeneous management applications in real-time from a single unified console.