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Key differentiators & advantages of Totara

  • Manages Assessments: Totara lets users track the learning progress of individual staff members or a group of employees. It helps organizations manage multiple assessment types with a built-in quiz engine, user polls and assignment submissions. Users also have control over the elements of assessments, including scores and number of attempts, to ensure that the assessment aligns with an organization’s training quality. 
  • Blended Learning:  It supports blended learning for an engaging experience. Learners can indulge in a host of offline activities, including classrooms, group activities and online learning. It enables users to review and approve online requests for offline activities, which saves time by centralizing the approval process for such requests. 
  • Open Source: Offers users the flexibility to extend, customize and adapt its code. Its open-source nature provides developers with a community to collaborate and address any challenges or issues within the system, saving time on endless browsing for answers. 
  • Customized Reporting: It provides a host of reporting functions like building reports from scratch or customizing pre-built reports in the builder tool. Users can choose from a range of geographical reporting tools, including pie charts, horizontal displays, columns and lines once the contents of a report are finalized. Reporting tools ensure that the data is presented with accessible visuals to draw conclusions. 
  • Social Learning: Totara supports social engagement through blogs, chats and forums. The communication tools, including chats and blogs, facilitate discussions on hot topics and help with shared learning. 
  • Integrations: It seamlessly integrates with existing HR systems used by the business to deliver a better user experience. Users can input employee data initially, which will get automatically updated regularly.  
  • Mobile Responsive: Totara provides an interface that is responsive on mobile devices and tablets for organizations with a varied workforce. The interface is designed to provide a consistent user experience, regardless of the device, and offers connectivity and flexibility to employees. 

Industry Expertise

Totara provides learning solutions in industries such as business services, financial institutions, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education and training, non-profit, government bodies, hospitality and travel, sports and lifestyle, technology and media and more.

Key Features

  • Hierarchies: Totara helps mirror the organizational structure of a company and assigns learning plans using that hierarchy. It also uses organizational hierarchies to report on specific segments or departments. 
  • Personalized Learning Paths: It allows businesses to prepare personalized learning programs for their employees according to their designations and organizational roles. It offers tailored e-learning paths for employees, thereby focusing on individual-level training. 
  • Performance Management: Totara Learn offers tools for appraisals, 360 feedback, skills and competency tracking that can be linked to every employee’s personal goals. This alignment ensures that employees progress in the required fashion. For flexible performance management, administrators can assign activities to their staff members based on their objectives and can give feedback in real time. 
  • Competency Frameworks: Businesses can exploit Totara’s competency-based performance framework within their overall learning strategy. Learning plans for specific positions and departments automatically contain the competencies mapped for these positions. 
  • Compliance and Certifications: It offers structured certification and recertification pathways, which ensures that employees are automatically notified of their upcoming training. Compliance reporting simplifies report generation on the compliance status of every staff member in an organization. 
  • Badges: Organizations can assign badges to encourage learning with the help of healthy competition between teams. Badging provides visual recognition of a team’s or a group’s knowledge and skills. Badges can be assigned on completion of a course, a set of courses or at the end of successful completion of an assignment. 
  • Responsive Interface: Totara's visual themes can be personalized and rebranded to match the requirements of the target audience. 


This product has the following limitations as of the writing of this review:
  •  Its usability is low due to complex site structure and permission management. 
  •  It is hard to use at first and requires technical skills to make full use of its features. Most administrators require training to get started on the extensive use of all its offerings.;
  •  It can be expensive to deploy on an already complex system. 
  •  The UI is basic and not competitive enough as per the market standards. 

Totara Suite Support

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schoolTraining: Totara’s site features numerous blogs and resources to guide users on various topics related to product set-up and issues faced.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through Totara’s site.

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