Benefits and Insights

Why use TalentLMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of TalentLMS

  • Customize the Platform: Change the theme via the user-friendly interface to reflect company colors and fonts. An authoring tool enables you to create a custom home page. Emails can also be branded. Lastly, the learning portal has a unique subdomain, which you can map to a custom URL for whitelabeling. 
  • Use TalentLMS for Free: A free version of TalentLMS is available. It supports up to five users and 10 courses. There are no restrictions on storage space, though it limits file uploads to a maximum of 100MB. 
  • Comply with GDPR: TalentLMS includes measures to ensure your organization remains compliant with GDPR. This includes the ability to collect approval by setting up a Terms of Service page, give users the ability to self-delete, grant users the right to access data and provide the choice to opt out of data collection in reports. 
  • Control User Access: You can configure user types, which determine access levels to organizational data. Set permissions based on role and select which areas of the system are accessible or restricted. 
  • Integrate with other Apps: TalentLMS integrates directly with WordPress, GoToMeeting, Salesforce and Shopify. You can also add Zapier for access to over 750 additional tools such as Slack and Zendesk. The system has an API and JavaScript integrations for additional extendability. 
  • Simplify Log Ins: Enable single sign-on (SSO) with support for LDAP, Active Directory and SAML2. You can also connect the platform to identity management systems like OneLogin and Okta. 
  • Sell Courses: E-commerce tools allow you to make courses available for purchase via Stripe or PayPal. You can configure elements like the course description, status in the catalog (active or hidden), price, time limit, level and more. In addition, you can set up automatic notifications for users that trigger when payment is completed. 

Industry Expertise

TalentLMS serves millions of users across more than 5,000 organizations. The platform is suitable for businesses in all industries, including IT, real estate, manufacturing, food and beverage, defense, automotive, non-profits, healthcare, education, telecommunications, and aviation. Recognized companies on the TalentLMS client list include Panera, Rosetta Stone, Infosys and Harper Collins Publishers.

Key Features

  • Course Management: An easy-to-use interface allows for effective course building. For course content, you have the option to re-use presentations or videos already created or source media from the web. Create certifications for various compliance-related courses. You can also structure learning paths by defining what order learners move through courses. 
  • Blended Learning: TalentLMS supports eLearning as well as instructor-led training (ILT). You can organize classroom events, manage all aspects of ILT sessions and set up automatic notifications. The software also has tools for delivering virtual lessons in real time. 
  • eLearning Standards: The platform is compatible with industry standards like SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI) and cmi5. This enables file storage, course content deliver and activity tracking. 
  • Testing Tools: This feature includes an assessments engine and a surveys engine. The software allows you to build multiple types of questions, including multiple choice, free text, ordering, fill the gap and more. It also supports several types of tests. The survey function lets you collect and analyze user feedback. 
  • Reports: TalentLMS provides several types of reports for tracking learner performance and progress. Custom fields allow you to build reports based on your company’s needs, and you can schedule reports to be delivered via email to specific recipients. The system also has a training infographic, which shows a visual depiction of KPIs like training time, course completion rates, the test pass rate and more. For granular insight, activity logs show a record of every user’s actions. Additionally, infographics and micro-stats let learners follow their progress. 
  • Embedded Video Conferencing: The system has a built-in tool for conducting meetings via video call. 
  • Gamification: The customizable gamification engine includes the following features: points, badges, levels, avatars, leaderboards and reports. You can dictate how many points an action is worth and configure the system to keep certain levels restricted until users reach the required goals. Leaderboards display learner statistics and have different visibility settings. 
  • Mobile App: TalentLMS offers a native app for iOS and Android for use across all devices. A fluid interface provides a seamless experience no matter the screen size and view. 

TalentLMS Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available by filling out a simple form on the TalentLMS website, which generates a ticket as described below. A knowledge base provides additional resources with articles for frequently asked questions, information on billing and plans, and product release notes.
phonePhone: Phone support is only offered as part of plus, premium and enterprise plans, which include access to a customer success manager.
schoolTraining: Free video tutorials are available. They cover basics like creating courses, using branches, setting up gamification and more. TalentLMS also offers paid packages where an expert will provide your team with a comprehensive tour of the system.
local_offerTickets: You can create a ticket by sending an email from the learning portal or support portal. Once the initial email is logged, the support system keeps an ongoing record of the exchange.
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